The Apprentice: Episode 2…Hotels

So I'm a little behind on recapping. Took a little time out of the office and have had some changes to my work here so I've been a distracted. Sorry. I'll recap Episode 2, then 3 in a separate post. Also, I'll try to give a little less of a play-by-play and more general observations...watching too closely is taking the fun out of it.

So beginning episode 2, Danny and Alex return to the suite. Seeing Danny puts the fear of Trump into everyone...they thought he was a goner. Danny's explanation includes admitting that he was a disaster and saying that he's also a lot like Trump. I'm wondering if there's a voice in his head telling him to say this stuff. It can't be real. It's the same voice that helps him pick out his outfits in the morning (peach polyester...whee!)

The teams meet at Trump Tower...the Donald launches the challenge: 2 crappy hotels, $20 per team and 48 hours. He states that success is measured based on customer sat. This last part clearly floats over the heads of some of the apprentae (hee! I love making stuff up).

Networth: Brian volunteers to be the Project Manager and the team lets him because they want him out (am I assuming too much here...he's pretty much asking for it). Trump pulls Brian aside and explains that the only reason he is in the competition is so Trump doesn't have to fire any of the good people right off the bat. Ok, he didn't say that. But people on the team are already pretty verbal about not liking Brian. And Brian makes it worse by referring top Craig as a "shoe shiner" (whatever dude!).

Teams get to their hotels and see the squalor. Trump golfs with Annika Sorestam (ah, juxta-posing...I get it...producers are using that dramatic license like it's their job...oh wait, I guess it is).

Over at Magna, Michael doesn't listen to Verna's concerns about setting up a customer strategy (ah...forshadowing...easy for me to say now that I have seen episode 3). He pretty much dismissed her. Hello Michael...the challenge is about customer satisfaction or did you not get that part?

We see lots of work done around fixing up the hotel rooms. Brian decides not to have a budget AND to spend money inappropriately by buying new toilets. Best quote is by Audrey "your a** doesn't know the difference!". Word. Brian is just a need to discuss, right? He's all big talk and bad decisions.

John tries to give Brian some feedback. Good for John for doing the right thing...Brian rejects his advice. He should have been thanking him but whatever.  Over at Magna, Michael and Verna argue some more and Verna paints a room while wearing her purse (hey, it matches her shirt). Verna totally stresses out.

Brian pulls a Danny and compares himself to the Donald: "Donald Trump is exactly the same way I am". Right, except for totally not. Then Kristen starts yelling at everyone because she wants to make sure she gets voted off the island next. I mean, she's right, but mellow! And someone please turn down Kristen's mic. My ears are bleeding.

Then Brian tells George what a terrible job he is doing as leader, he didn't do any budgeting and that his team hates him. But that is OK, because George is his secret invisible friend. Except totally not. We will see this strategy reinforced in the board room where Brian begs the Oracle to fire him (hey, how did my secret frend end up part of the Oracle....d'oh!). In the words of Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap "Excuse me, is this a joke?".

Carolyn has some fun sitting on the beds which still have plastic on them, under the sheets. Which makes me wonder if the apprentae are actually pod people or they not have beds at home?

Danny and Verna rock the front desk (I actually agree), but it won't matter too much because Verna is going to have a melt down. OK, I know people are going to give me heck for this, but do I have to go into the details of the meltdown? I'm pretty sure that we all saw the same thing. Who knows what happened behind the scenes. It is what it is. Carolyn gets Verna to come back and Verna makes nice with her team, but we all know it isn't going to matter anyway. I wouldn't want to work with some of those people and certainly not under those circumstances. Perhaps that was a decision she could have made before the show, perhaps not (seriously, do you think living it is like watching it on TV? I don't). Anyway, they are all just people...judge if you want, but I always tell people that if they discover they have joined the wrong company, they should high-tail it out of there ASAP. No need to prolong the torture..admit the mistake and leave. I think that is what Verna was trying to do. And you have to give her points for honesty (admitting that she felt out of control because she wasn't at the center). I wouldn't blame any of Verna's teammates for wanting her out, though, because they certainly had a right to feel abandoned and that it could happen again. Only Erin should cut her bangs.

Anyhoo, people check out  of the hotels and it seems they can't wait to get in their cars and blow the stink off. Boardroom...Magna wins. And as if things could not get any worse for Brian, he tells the Trumpster that he should be fired. Wait, that's not the end. Then he tells Trump that he didn't say that. That man could have been fired for any of about 7 or 8 reasons. Why pick just one?

The board establishes the themes of  "disaster" and "delusional" (like the people they are describing should have to wear a beanie with a propeller on it for the next task)...we'll see these come up again oh so very soon. It's just too bad they couldn't bring Brian back and fire him again. I'm just saying.

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    Eh, I assume you mean $20,000 per team and not $20 per team?

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