What a Technical Evangelist looks like (kind of like a bird…kind of like an elephant?)

Jeff Sandquists's bird/elephant analogy throws things off a bit (um, gross Jeff), but over on his blog, he shares a job description for an open Technical Evangelist (TE or phonetically, Tee Eee...whee!) role reporting to Jeff himself.  TE roles have always been a little hard to describe. It's easier for us in staffing to describe in terms of what we want the person to be (technical with great marketing skills) versus what we want them to do (with those great technical and marketing skills, you can do it all, right?). So it's best for you to hear ot from the folks that actually do it, right? Check out Jeff's blog.

Comments (3)

  1. That would be my dream job. I might have to think about that one. I love devloping software but I really enjoy opening people’s minds, making them think and organizing events for sharing ideas. Thanks Heather for passing the link along.

    I also have moved my blog to http://www.techquik.com and now use MoveableType. Great blog engine. If you can update your blog roll I would appreciate it. thx

  2. Nathan says:

    I saw that job posted, and I was wondering to myself, "Evangelist…what the hell?" Unfortunately, I am neither technical nor Evangelical.

  3. jeffs says:

    I submitted a resume, what the heck! Having been a developer, analyst, constultant, contract warm body, technical instructor, and (unbeknownst to myself) sales support engineer, I HAVE evanagelized. Ok, so my job title never had the word "Evangelist" in it, I suppose I may feared stigma from some former TV personalities of the past. I do confess, however, to pushing (nee, endorsing) brands and products based on my at will employer! I think it would be most cool to build up a community & fan base for a heap of CLR code!


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