Hot job: Developer Events Marketing Manager

I'm not going to start posting a bunch of jobs, but I keep seeing ones pop up that are a little different and cool. Anyway, if you are interested, send me your resume and I'll get it right over to the recruiter for this role.




Developer Event Marketing Manager


The Mobile and Embedded Devices Central Marketing Group (MEDCMG) is looking for a talented event marketer to lead our developer audience event marketing planning and execution.  MEDCMG is the marketing and communications arm of the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division -- Microsoft’s smallest yet fastest growing P&L unit.  We’re responsible for marketing Windows Mobile for Smartphones, Windows Mobile for Pocket PC, Portable Media Center, Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded to a broad range of audiences.  If you’re passionate about improving people’s personal and work lives through unique, innovative mobile devices, if you want to work in a red-hot industry poised for dramatic growth and you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of a critical and fast-growing Microsoft business then we’d like to speak with you.


Primary Role


This mobile and embedded developer events position focuses on three primary areas:


·         Driving the strategy, planning and execution for U.S. and worldwide events (Developer Conferences in particular) with objectives including: supporting relevant product launches; increasing demand generation and qualified leads; and maintaining/growing developer loyalty for our platforms.

·         Working with product groups and other cross-group teams (developer partner, sales and marketing teams) to analyze business objectives and develop event marketing ‘recipes’ to effectively meet objectives.

·         Building strong relationships with world-wide regional teams and both onsite and virtual logistics teams to create and execute the best event programs with an eye toward measuring ROI and customer satisfaction.


The successful candidate must manage and drive demand generation tactics and oversee event execution (via management of logistic resources) for MED Tier I events focused on product launch business objectives and product technical training. As events are a high-investment method of reaching customers, this role requires a sophisticated understanding of marketing vehicles and an understanding of how and when to most effectively use events.

 In addition, this person will be responsible for a multi-million dollar budget, forecasting and spending, including managing budgets allocated to international regions. Lastly, success in this position requires developing a strong relationship with the regional product marketing teams throughout the world. These teams are critical stakeholders in each of these initiatives and are essential to the success given their regional knowledge and experience.



Position Requirements:


-          8+ years experience in event management

-          5+ years in high-tech marketing

-          Strong virtual team management skills

-          Must be able to work effectively across groups

-          Strong interpersonal communication skills - ability to present at all levels of the organization and be a positive public representative for Microsoft to outside organizations. 

-          Ability to travel regularly in both US and internationally

-          Extensive experience in project management and the ability to work against tight deadlines.

-          Must be self-motivated and able to work on long-term projects with little direction.

-          Excellent decision-making, problem solving and negotiating skills.

-          Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication, analytical and presentation skills are required.

-          BA degree is required

Comments (9)

  1. Alex says:


    A small comment stating that this job posting is for US residents only would save all the anxiety and adrenalin flow….

    Maybe it is pretty obvious thing, but this something that you should consider for the sake of "a worldwide audience".


  2. Heather says:

    Alex-all of my roles are US based. I posted in the past about how to apply for international jobs. I’ll try and remember to add location, though, just in case the reader isn’t familiar with my blog…good point.

  3. paul says:


    once again I must state that this is NOT a Marketing position; the Products are made so this is a Promotional position. The real Marketing people are busy thinking about and creating the next generation of Products. Compelling Mobile and Embedded Products will attract Software Developers; not geekey gizmos with bells and whistles, but useful devices.

    Who hired the people who have thus far done such a poor job promoting Windows Mobile and Embedded products? There are many super-smart people in Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices Division who deserve much better support then they have received.

    I attended the Embedded Systems DevCon and several Embedded Systems conferences; there is a difference between Windows Developers and Embedded developers that needs to be addressed. I have offered to help organize a Windows Mobile and Embedded Developer Event here in NY/NJ, but haven’t gotten any enthusiasm from the very people who are paid to be enthused.

  4. Heather says:

    Paul…I’ve never seen anyone get upset over a job description, but, ummmm, OK. Promotion is part of the marketing mix so it is indeed marketing. What you are referring to is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing (both marketing though). If you search the 4Ps on the Internet, you’ll find lots of evidence that supports this…it’s also part of any MBA curriculum.

    I can’t answer all of your questions about Windows and Embedded, but I suspect you are just venting…not actually requesting an answer (I’m not even convinced that the marketing of our products is what you are unhappy about…I just don’t see people get angry over marketing very often). This blog is my happy place…so let’s take it easy, OK? If you’ve got an issue with the MED marketing (or not marketing) teams, I don’t think it’s particularly productive to take out your frustrations on recruiting. I’m sure there are plenty of Microsoft bloggers that work in that space. Perhaps you could contact one of them and offer some suggestions. "Who hired the people who have thus far done such a poor job promoting Windows Mobile and Embedded products? " probably isn’t something I would recommend using though. Your points get lost in your approach.

  5. paul says:

    It’s the misuse everywhere today (not just Microsoft) of the term “Marketing”.

    Sales people say they are in Marketing, PR people say they are in Marketing, but Advertising people know better because Marketing came out of Advertising.

    Marketing is about creating new Products and as most new Products fail it’s often the job of Marketing Managers to “kill” Products before they are launched. Since the advent of mass media advertising has become the largest expense in the life of any product, so before a company spends all that money they need Marketing to be sure they have a money maker.

  6. Nathan says:


  7. daryllmc says:

    Actually Paul, to Heather’s point, it is generally accepted that "marketing" is a combination of "4 Ps"…product (your facet), price, place and promotion. There are entire books written about this–happy to share some titles if you like. 🙂

    What I am taking from your comment is that perhaps there needs to be some clarification around how job roles (at Microsoft and elsewhere) map to the 4 Ps. You seem to be describing a Product Management function which [in my experience] is focused on defining and executing features. But there is other important work that goes into bring a product to MARKET.

    What about the work that needs to be done to establish a distribution channel to actually get product into customer’s hands? What about letting customers know that your product is available and communicating the value proposition? What about segmentation? What about pricing? I could go on but I hope the point is clear.

    I agree that Marketing is not promotion. It’s also not product development, product planning or sales. It’s a union of these things and then some.


  8. Heather says:

    Well said Daryll! I’ll do a blog post on the 4 Ps as they relate to marketing roles at Microsoft. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Nicola says:

    Hi everybody,

    I was just looking for an interesting job position "around the world" starting from the most popular google research and my curiosity has been kept by your discussion. reading only once (so the first impression), my feeling is you are tolking on 2 different levels. MARKETING, the 4 Ps… Well, after 7 (not 8!..:) ) years spent on event management with multinational companies I could just say MARKETING means nothing MARKETING means everything. Is not only "creating new products", yes,   Sales and PR people say they are in Marketing, because Marketing is in Sales and in PR, and only a perfect sinergy between all areas makes the business growing. The most interenting financial people I ever met could be great marketing peole, sorry, the are! About the role you are looking for, is a promotional role, for this reason is a Marketing position! and I wont to say "one of the hightest position. There is one moment in which a Brand can tighten the hand to someone and say "Hi my friend, nice to meet you, have a good time with us and thank you for your time here…. EVENT MARKETING.

    Ciao a tutti


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