The Apprentice…I am inspired…

to blog regularly on "The Apprentice". I admit that I watch it. The whole dang show is about hiring talent. The interview is long, grueling and quite unusual, but I think there are lessons to be learned. Now before I start blogging on The Apprentice, let me make one thing clear...I am going to give you my professional AND personal opinions on what I see. I DO NOT apply the same level of scrutiny to people I don't be scared ; )

The fact is, these people have agreed to be on TV and the producers splice together the bits that they think are interesting to the viewing audience. From what I understand, these folks don't get much sleep. Also, they have to please not only the hiring authorities (the Donald, Carolyn and George) but they have to win the respect and endorsement of their peers (who are also the folks competing with them for the role). So, you could almost consider the people represented in the show as caricatures of their selves and interviewees in general. They should be congratulated just for getting on the show. But it wouldn't be any fun if we didn't critique them...right.

So here's what I am going to be looking at:

-core business skills. We all know that there's a key element to each task. I'll evaluate mistakes I see in their strategy and approach with regard to the projects they are given

-hirability. In general, are they exhibiting the kinds of things that recruiters and hiring authorities look for? And are they making interview blunders? I'll evaluate their strategy for actually getting the job (I don't believe that doing well on the projects is enough...there's strategy in the boardroom, in the penthouse, etc.)

-and then there's my personal opinion. It wouldn't be fun only evaluating these first 2 things if we can't chat about how we feel about them personally (this is considered "entertainment" after all). Just keep in mind something that I remind myself of regularly: "just because I hire someone doesn't mean I have to hang out with them". So, the personality/likability filter isn't something I use when I hire people (unless I feel they will alienate peers, partners, mgmt and customers, of course). But in this game, being likable and winning the hearts of the other teammates is a strategy. So likability does come in to play here.

Later on today, I'll blog about the first was a good one. One other warning: I got up at 6AM this morning and watched it (I even took notes so I would get the names right). After I got up I realized that I was out of my regular coffee and I was forced to make some "flavored" coffee...I'm not sure how this ended up in my house. But if I end up being a little extra snarky in my analysis, you'll know why. I still feel a little gaggy from drinking that stuff.

Also, I am going to try not to focus on Verna too much, despite the fact that she's the one I am rooting for. I'm sure I'll develop some other favorites. And after episode one, I've definitely got a list of some folks that gotta go. Anyway, this should be fun!

Oh, one more thing I should tell you is that I was contacted to do an Internet radio show critiquing the Apprentice applicants on I'll give you more details as I get them so you can tune in if you want!

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  1. patag says:

    It looks like the 3rd season of the Apprentice will be the most debated season. Using the two distince groups will be a great backdrop to the projects and the interpersonal skills aspect of the show.

    The only mistake so far is that Donald didn’t let go Dan and the PM from last night. Dan will be a good ratings boost for a while with his behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I think Dan is a great guy, just not someone I’d look forward to working with.

    I always enjoy reading your perspective on the show and would love to hear you on the radio too.

  2. I’m a new reader to your blog, but am interested to hear your thoughts on The Apprentice (both personal and professional). The 2 previous seasons have been extremely good, but I tend to agree with patag above that the 3rd might be the most interesting.

    I’m not sure who I’m rooting for yet, but I already know a few that I won’t be! 😉


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