Microsoft and Tsunami Relief

I mentioned a while back that I would provide updates on Microsoft's response to the tsunami and it's aftermath.  There's a fact sheet here, with details, but here are some highlights:

-Microsoft contributed $2 million via relief agencies

-Over 2800 employees at Microsoft have contributed $1.2 million, which is being matched by the company

-Microsoft  has stepped in with technology assistance working with local agencies like India's Ministry of Science and Technology (to develop disaster management applications), Indonesia's National Election Commission (to track casualties), NGOs in Sri Lanka on a volunteer registration system and with Acer, Inc., Cisco Systems and Thaicom in Thailand on an information center to help identify disaster victims and find missing persons.

I'm always especially proud of the things that employees do on their own to assist. A number of employees working near affected areas have mobilized to provide relief materials.

Timing and distribution of relief materials are critical and many people will continue to suffer the emotional loss. But I'm encouraged to hear news reports that the full disaster recovery financial need is expected to be met.

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    » Microsoft Employees Donate $1.2 Million In Tsunami Aid  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel

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