USC…National Champions…period

A couple people have asked why I haven't posted anything about the NC game last night on my blog. I figure that the people who care already know and there's not much to say that hasn't already been said. So as not to completely bore those of you who don't give a hoot (I don't understand why but that's OK), just a couple thoughts:

Matt Leinart-please come back and be the first quarterback to win 3 back-to-back national championships. I've never seen anyone so composed. Amazing.

Auburn-wish we could have played would have been a more interesting game

Bob Stoops-classy coach. I felt sorry for him last night have to fend off the media. Jason White too..nice guy.

Steve Smith, Dwayne Jarrett, Reggie Bush, Lendale White- see you next year <evil laugh as I imagine another year of these guys tearing it up on the field>

Pete Carroll- so glad to have him at SC. Great coach, great recruiter, great leader, great defensive coordinator, great person.

Norm Chow-the secret to our success...shhhhh, don't tell anyone. If there ever was a National Championship secret sauce, it's Norm! A great mind.

Pac Ten vs SEC/ACC/whatever- I do believe we have put to rest the criticisms of the Pac Ten.

Who I think we will be playing against in the National Championship game next year- Texas (Vince Young rocks)

That's all. Great job Trojans!


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  1. marko says:

    USC did a sensational job against Oklahoma. I dont think OK had their best game yesterday, but it was apparant who was the better team.

    Being a Longhorn fan, I did enjoy the Rose bowl against Michigan. It would be nice to see Texas at a national championship. Hook ‘Em Horns!

  2. marko: go UT!!!! 🙂

    heather: u watched office space yet? 😀

  3. Eric King says:

    From a SEC loyalist:

    NO WAY!! Bring it ON! I would love to have seen USC and Auburn go at it. While I’m not sure that Auburn would have won, I still feel that the SEC is the dominant conference as a whole. GO VOLS!!

    As a general rule, I pull for Tennessee throughout the year. Every year. Period. And then in the post-season, I pull for all of the SEC teams that made it to a bowl game.


    AKA KrazyKooter

  4. Ck147 says:


    two comments…

    1- USC put a whipping on Auburn university last year in the first game of the year (au was number one in the country at the time.) Auburn doesnt want any of USC. They want to talk about it… but that is about it…

    2-went to the LSU/AU game this year… for 38 minutes AU lost that game. They got a bogus call on a missed extra point and got to re-kick for the win. (that penalty was not called at all the rest of the entire season btw..)

    There is no doubt who the number 1 team is… the trogans are the champs.

    ((ps Leinart’s going number 1 in the draft. Goner!!))

  5. I love the SEC more than most, having been an avid Dawg all my life. One of my favorite things hanging in my office is Herschel Walker’s autograph from when he was in history class at UGA with my brother’s girlfriend. I have UGA season tickets, and Saturdays at my house are dedicated to UGA football. My 2-year old girl and 4-year old son have already got the "goooo Dawgs! Sic ’em! Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof!" down cold, and chant it at each kickoff.

    After UGA’s fall from grace at #3 this season by handing their slot to Eric’s stinking Vols, I knew that the team to beat was Auburn. They were a great team this year, and going undefeated through the SEC is unheard of. The SEC is the toughest conference, as each team plays smashmouth football every Saturday, and even Vandy can come up with a big game out of nowhere.

    That said, Heather is right. USC was definitely #1 this year. And respect to Leinert, he was amazing to watch this season. He will be great to watch as he goes into the pros, and should prove to be one of the great quarterbacks in history.

    OU had an amazing team this year, and USC shut them down. It looked like a pro team playing a high school junior varsity team. An OU versus Auburn game might have been more entertaining, but an AU-USC game would have the same outcome. You can’t argue that VT was comparable to USC this year, and AU had their hands full with VT in the 4th quarter. Some might say that Tuberville just eased back, but that is the difference between USC and AU: USC didn’t stop fighting, and Leinert was in there until the end (not their 3rd string quarterback).

    Congrats, USC… fantastic season.

  6. Maurits says:

    I’m a USC fan myself, but Leinart would be an idiot not to jump at the draft now while he’s hot (Heisman + National Champion quarterback…) He can probably negotiate a really attractive contract now.

    If he comes back for another year, he’s putting a lot at risk. What if USC cools off? Or worse, what if he’s injured?

    College players don’t get paid. If you’re going to put yourself in the path of some 300lb defensive linemen ever week, you might as well get paid.

  7. Kevin says:

    I only saw part of the Citrus but I’ll grant you that the better team won. Better in terms of cohesive play, better in terms of number of extraordinarily gifted athletes, better in terms of gameplan.

    I think Auburn is a better team than Oklahoma but I still don’t think they would have beaten USC. Having said that, I believe the SEC is a much stronger conference. For that matter I think the ACC may be stronger still. Who in the Pac10 is a challenge for USC? CAL is a rival so rankings don’t matter since rivalry emotions override the normal buildup. In my opinion USC is a great team and while I don’t understand the coaches’ approach to preparation I have to appreciate the results. Of course, put them in a more physically demanding conference and I think they may not have made it through the season as healthfully as they did this year. The same guys that USC recruits go to the SEC or ACC or even the Big 12 and you see those teams missing a running back or O-lineman for several games. TN (which I’m not saying is on par with USC this last season) lost 2 quarterbacks (perhaps due to their own inexperience) for the better part of the year.

    Congrats to USC but I don’t expect them to win it next year. I don’t think they deserved it last year but the did deserve an opportunity to play LSU for it.


  8. JK says:

    The fact is that if both Oklahoma and Auburn were in the PAC-10, they both would have finished behind fourth place, and not even gone to a bowl game. The fact is that USC already played auburn and beat them. The fact is that LSU – Oktown game last year was a terrible game with too many fumbles and mistakes. The fact is that Cal played in a bowl this year that they had no business in, and they played like it. The fact is that the SEC and ACC is weak…California threw up over fifty five points against that stout Virginia Tech defense last year. Temple? Wake Forest? Whos weak conference are they in? Tell you where those kind of teams don’t play, the good old west coast.

    # 1 USC

    # 2 Cal

    # 3 ASU

    # 4 Oregon State

    # 5 Auburn

    # 6 Georgia?


  9. Heather says:

    JK-I will agree with you on one thing…SEC doesn’t have the toughest schedules no matter what they say…Auburn played The Citadel and Louisiana Monroe. Nothing against those schools, but their fottball programs don’t compare to even the 2nd tier Pac-Ten programs.

    My rankings would be:








    8-VA tech



    There’s no way Cal is a number 2 team this year. Great teams win their bowl games, even if they feel ripped off by the BCS. They should have played better in their game…period. Also I think you are giving too much credit to ASU and Oregon State for winning against sub-par Notre Dame and Purdue in their bowl games. Are you really serious about having them in your top 5? That’s crazy talk! ; )

  10. Heather says:

    CK147…you have to come back and admit that you were wrong about Leinart and the draft ; )

  11. Quick question for those who believe the PAC-10 is the toughest conference, laughable statement, but just lets say that was the case:

    Why does USC load up its out of conference schedule every year? Maybe it’s to make up for playing in the PAC-10. The beef against Auburn, and there were many by those who simply were looking for every excuse to have a coveted match up between USC and OU, was for their out of conference schedule. Well, when UCLA and CAL were absolutely blown out, then the beef against Auburn finally faded to "they played in the best conference" (K.Herbstriet) but USC and OU are better… because we said so.

    And they also said that OU would win. Now we’re supposed to believe USC would have beaten Auburn because you said so? You can’t prove it, you can say you beat Auburn last year, but then you’d have to come to admit that Texas Tech would have blown out USC because they blew out CAL, and CAL should have beaten USC this year and did last year. That kind of logic (USC over AU because USC beat AU last year) doesn’t work.

    Any more than to say that AU would have beaten USC because AU cleanly beat VaTech while USC won because of a bad call.

    My view from the impartial land of Newark NJ… Auburn is the real national champs…. sorry USC, you didn’t deserve anything but the BCS. Auburn were 13-0 in the toughest conference in the country. USC got a free pass by playing in a weaker conference and by being ranked #1 in the beginning.

    We could have had a playoff had Auburn been awarded the AP, but now, we don’t need one because we proved that opinion is more important than the actual game. Silly, under this logic we would have asked everyone on the ESPN/ABC panel before the game, taken their word for it (OU over USC) and then walked away saying, "USC fans, admit it, you had a great year, just be happy with it. But you don’t deserve to be number one." But it’s okay to say that to Auburn?

    USC, you’re season was great…. but you weren’t the only champs in my eyes… maybe next year.

  12. Heather says:

    Hey Richard-If all you do is extrapolate, what the point of playing the bowl games at all? You didn’t mention quality of play. There would not have been a playoff had Auburn been awarded the AP because the NCAA would have fined the schools. Anyone who knows college football knows that. There’s no playoff system (and by the way, playoffs would happen before the NC bowl game, not after) Auburn’s 13-0 record includes games against that powerhouse Citadel. Whatever dude. "USC got a free pass"…you are funny. You keep saying "we" when you talk about Auburn so I’m not sensing that your view is from the "impartial land of Newark NJ".

    People who are paid for their opinion don’t agree with you. Also, people I know who went to Auburn (aside from you…although I don’t know you since you posted anonymously) agree that USC is #1 and Auburn is #2. I’m so over this.

  13. Heather says:

    I don’t think I ever said anything about us beating Auburn last year.

  14. Warren says:

    Some quick thoughts on Pete Carroll and USC.  First – great program!  Second – Carroll pulls the most amazing spin job in 2003 college football has ever witnessed!  What choice did he have?  He got shut out by the BCS and went on the stump for a month to have the Rose Bowl recognized as a National Championship game.  You don’t win championships beating a two loss, ninth ranked Michigan in your own backyard.  Having said that, USC wins another championship the following year and what do we see?  Pete Carroll holding up the crystal pineapple and he never mentions the AP.  So, I did some math on this.  He’s got an AP in 2004 and a BCS and an AP in 2005.  I still couldn’t figure out if that’s one, two or three national championships.  I guess it depends on who Pete needs at the time.  In 2006 he lost a BCS and an AP.  Was USC going for three in a row or five in a row?  Since he didn’t mention the AP in 2005 I’m figuring it was two in a row (someone contact Pete Carroll and let me know which one counts).  And since they lost in 2006 that must mean they won one national championship. Which I guess means they one nothing in 2004. The question is – can you have it both ways and be considered legitimate?

  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    Warren – the BCS NC game was rotating and the Rose Bowl was already slated as the NC game for last year. There was no lobbying. You seem bitter about something. Let me guess…your team didn’t get the bowl game they expected? What makes you comment on a post that is two years old?

    Yeah, most people just say “good game”.

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