Dr. John’s Recruiting Trends 2005

Dr. John Sullivan always has something interesting to say. His 2005 trends analysis is spot on if you ask me. All of these different trends will affect us recruiters/companies/industries differently (for example, assessment is less of a hot issue for me since I hire marketing talent and online assessments don't really work in our space). This is a great overview of what we should be expecting this year. I find this encouraging. Some of these areas of focus for the coming year have been long needed (effective, business relevant metrics...yay!)

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  1. Gerry says:

    John’s article is an excellent overview of where we are in staffing- some of his 2005 predicitions however can be organized differently and I’ve commented on my blog 1/9 on those I feel are ‘on’ versus those that are more of a ‘stretch’. Best to you in the New Year. I see you are ‘advertised’ at Kennedy. Great PR.


  2. Heather says:

    Hey Gerry, I guess I’ve kind of felt that the recruiting industry is starting to "get it" (as you say) better than before. So maybe these arnen’t trends as much as things that are finally happening at some companies. Most were things that I’ve been experiencing first-hand with the exception of the focus on assessments, which don’t make a lot of sense for marketing roles. I’m ALWAYS interested in hearing your perspective!

    Looking forward to the Kennedy conference. That has nothing to do with the fact that it’s in vegas ; )

  3. Sarat says:

    This is a real interesting article about recruiting, it will be real interesting in next 2-3 years, with industries getting lot of global employees(major players are IBM,GE,microsoft,oracle and others) finding a local talent would be a real chalenge and also with new skills .



    Recruiter TEKSystems

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