What happens when your target customer doesn’t care about your product

I’m going to talk about this from the perspective of a staffing tools vendor because I’d be a target customer and I have some experience in the area (as a user). I guess it all starts with blogging, actually. When you are a relatively successful blogger, companies that want to market to you (and want…


Kind of like work, kind of like fun

Every year-end, I am faced with the fact that I didn’t take all my vacation time. We can roll-over a year’s worth and I’ve pretty much been rolling over the three weeks from my first year at Microsoft where you couldn’t tear me away from my desk (no all-nighters though..I have a life outside of work)….


Here’s a Little Holiday Shopping Tip from Me to You

So since we are on the topic of food and wine, here’s a little holiday shopping tip for you. I was reminded of this earlier this week while reading Food and Wine magazines description of good “supermarket” wines. So before people start to wonder if I have a problem (as in “how much wine do…


Let the Hamilton Family Eating Marathon Begin

Oh, it’s finally here. I’m filled with dread and delight. Three whole days with nary a hunger pang. My family celebrates Christmas and although the holiday takes place on one day, and we have successfully stretched out the festivities (and by festivities I mean food) to last two days, we get an added bonus day…


The Staffing Industry "Best (and Worst)"

I love lively debate. Remember that whole thing about ethics? Dr. John has the masses in a frenzy again and I have to disagree with him again (hey, that’s the magic of lively debate). I disagree with some of the entries on each list (I wrote about one of his “winners” here). But you know…


Updating resume not just for the job seeker

It may be time for taking stock of one’s career over the last year…the holidays being so quiet and all and that resolution thing looming. But some folks are just happy where they are, thanks. Company treating them great, good pay, still loving the job. So I’ve thought a bit about why someone might want…


Opportunity for Podcasters: Howard Stern’s move to Sirius

I was thinking about this topic this morning during my AM commute, if you can call it that (7-12 minutes door to door). I’ve been listening to Howard Stern since the early 90s when I was in LA (and when he was available wherever I was living at the time). I enjoy the news and…


When your pseudo-fake stealth marketing isn’t as cute as you think it is

Rarely does an advertisement, stealth or otherwise, make me want to trip someone and steal his lunch money. But this one does  because it’s not as cute as it thinks it is. Yeah, dude, we get it..you’re so cool and stealth and cutting edge that we should want to drink what you drink. Only in…