Dan Gillmor spoke at Microsoft

BillCan blogged about Dan Gillmor's presentation at Microsoft. I was there too and knew there was something I was forgetting to blog about. Yeah, they let us mere mortals attend MS Research lectures...you can spot us, we are the ones with the lip gloss on ; )

 Dan's presentation was about the convergence of media and blogging (reinforcing my belief that the people that confuse blogging and journalism are just plain nuts...OK he didn't say nuts...that is just me editorializing). Dan focused on the impact that blogging has had on the media. It was actually really interesting.

Seeing the stack of books and the cashbox on the table while he presented made me wonder if this was part of Dan's "book tour".  But he's giving it away for free online here.

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  1. I give you guys a *lot* of credit for having Gillmor over at your place. Congrats!

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