I knew there had to be a catch…

I'm not saying that I am a total pessimist, but I knew that my charmed week had to come to an end (but yay for Matt Leinart anyway and I successfully installed a tile back splash in my kitchen...so evidently my luck ran out at 9AM this morning). Nothing like starting off your week with a dentist appointment. Actually, I usually like to get my teeth cleaned because it feels so nice afterward. But I didn't so much like the explanation of why I was having trouble with my bite (cracked teeth) and the request to come back to the dentist's office later today to have them "wrapped in porcelain"...a process the dentist described as "not fun" (hmm, the dentist uses fear to get people to wear their mouth guards...I guess that is the marketing approach you have to go with when you are a dentist). I didn't ask for any further explanation. I'll have them explain what's going on right after they give me the Novocain (lots and lots please...you know it's enough when I start to drool) and right before they slip that nice little gas machine on (this is when I hear Jimi Hendrix play a nice little solo on his guitar...I hope he plays "Hey Joe" today).

Needleth to thay, I won't be in for the retht of the day.

Comments (3)

  1. Russ Moon says:

    stop opening those beer bottles with your teeth.

    I’m sure they will look purdy when it’s done.

    Hey Joe – mmm learning that one now, good guess

    BTW – Rush was nominated for a Grammy

  2. try taking out widom teeth four at a time. i did that once — boy it was fun.

  3. Heather says:

    chonan-done it. About 17 years ago.

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