Blogger wins the Heisman Trophy!

I was so excited to watch the ceremony this weekend. Even more excited when Matt won (no secret that Reggie was my favorite but Matt's a close second). I guess I was surprised that they rewarded composure and leadership versus pure athleticism. OK, OK, I am sorry for not giving the voters more credit. Could they help the BCS folks out though, with a little insight and common sense?

Anyway, we've all heard the stories about how Matt Leinart was a chubby little kid with coke bottle glasses..makes you feel good about him winning. Did you also know that he's a blogger? Check out his SC Q Blog.

We are used to the same prolific bloggers getting all the love in the blogosphere (and specifically here at Microsoft). Hey guys, can you beat this? Any of you won the Heisman yet? 


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  1. Great blog, I think it’s pretty cool that someone like Matt has taken an interest in blogging. It’ll be especially neat if he keeps it up when he gets into the NFL.

    He needs to have an RSS feed though!


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