A week full of goodness…wish they could all be like this.

OK, I know thanksgiving is over, but I had a great week this week....

1) I really like my new office. I'm always cold, but this office is warm and kind of cozy. I got all my stuff unpacked and got so much work done because it's so quiet over here. Only down-side is the lack of a cafeteria in the building. But I'm a pretty healthy eater so I stocked my mini-fridge with good stuff.

2) I got a Tablet PC. Someone pinch me! I'm going to call tech support to get it set up next week. I can't wait. After my hard drive melt-down, I can't wait to dump my old machine. Tired of all the Tablet PC product reviews from technical people? I'll let you know what a Tablet PC is like from the perspective of the non-technical. I can't wait. By the way, whining works...I swear! I have a feeling I've got my new manager, Greg, to thank for this. I can envision him going into our Director's office and telling her he has to get me a new PC because he can't take the whining anymore. True or not, I'm thrilled about the PC.

3) Last night was Microsoft night at Nordstrom. Met some of the girls for some great shopping (plus free food, free shipping and a coat check room...nice!) and a few glasses of wine. Did a little shopping for myself too (my birthday is coming up...so I'm entitled to a little gift, I think).

4) I'm finally making a dent in my e-mail after traveling and being sick. If you are still waiting on mail from me, I'm almost there. I'm not going to log in this weekend, but I think next week is the week I truly get caught up.

5) I am taking tomorrow off to sit at home and do nothing (actually I'll be catching up on all the shows I Tivoed this week...didn't have any time for TV). I'll do a little cooking and some yard work (unavoidable). If I get really crazy, I might even wash my car. Yee haw!

6) Someone referred to me as "good-looking" on his blog (in a nice way...not creepy). He's young enough to be my nephew....which makes it an even bigger compliment. That kind of thing can put me in a good mood for a couple days ; )

7) The suspense will soon be over..the Heisman ceremony is this weekend. Could a great week end in disappointment for me? I certainly hope not. Keeping my fingers crossed the Reggie Bush will have a nice new statue to decorate his dorm room (and one for Heritage Hall as well). Fight on!

I'll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Golden Bear says:

    Reggie is only a soph, he has more time. My money is on Matt, both Saturday and at the Orange Bowl…

    Go Bears & the PAC10!

  2. Maurits says:

    Could Jason White win a second Heisman?

  3. Golden Bear #2 says:

    On the topic of NCAA football.. boo to the BCS system. Cal got jibbed… big time.

  4. Heather says:

    Well, I certainly can’t complain about Matt winning. But I can be embarassed that I totally get choked up ; ) I’m a huge dork.

    CB-Reggie does have more years ahead of him. He’s just such an explosive player. That’s what had me pulling for him. But you can’t fault Matt for being an intellectual player. And the leadership and composure on the field doens’t look like a bunch of flashy stats.

    Anyway, I am VERY happy with the outcome and I expect to see Adrian and Reggie up there again next year.

  5. Golden Bear says:

    …please tell him to turn pro! Orange Bowl will be a great game. Remember this name for next year, Marshawn Lynch. Some think he was better than Arrington this year.

    OT, a great blog on recruiting. I’ve picked up some good tips. Not that he needs help, but maybe Pete Carroll can use some advice on recruiting?!

  6. Heather says:

    GB-I’m pretty sure that Matt’s already said he’s staying (he may have even said for the full 4 seasons). So unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll see any announcements about his turning pro this year. I’m also looking forward to the Orange Bowl.

    I think Pete Carroll could teach me a thing or 2 about recruiting. Think about trying to motivate a bunch of players who may or may not get the big paycheck (NFL contract) at the end of 3-5 years of hard work. Plus helping them understand the value of tradition. You have to sell them on how you are going to get them there. I’d love to see us do more recruiting on the east coast though. And in Florida. I think this could be another really awesome recruiting year!

  7. Andy says:

    If you were refering to my comment on Scott’s blog I’ll have you know there is only six years between us and you really are probably the hottest women I have ever seen in the tech industry. Not in a creepy stalker way but you are flat out stunning. Everyone I know who has ever seen you in person or in your pictures agrees with me. I think you are one of those girls who doesn’t realize how good looking they really are. After you leave a room all the guys go OMG!!!! I will shut up now lest I seem to weird but believe me you are incredibly lovely.

  8. Heather says:

    Jeez Andy…you are just a walking ego booster dude! I’m going to remind myself to look at this when I am having a bad day! I’m not sure who it is that you know that has seen me in person, but I was going to say that maybe they should get out more often. But then, I decided to believe you/them. Whee!

    PS: I always thought my best selling point was my knowledge of college football. ; )

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