Playboy content to be available on mobile phones

Are ya kidding me? Like, you just have to take it with you right? You can't wait until you get home to look at it? Like driving needs to be any less safe. Yeah, and taking public transportation has now become infinitely more enjoyable for the rest of us. When will mobile phones have stun gun capabilities? How long before someone gets fired for looking at their cell phone at work?

I'm all about free speech (etc. etc.), but I'm also about good taste (which makes this just my opinion, in case that isn't have the right to your free speech and I have the right to make fun of you...and vice versa...I'm just saying). Let's just say that if I actually catch you with this content on your cell phone, I will make fun of you until the end of time and I'll tell all my friends (that kind of content should be *private* anyway, but then, why again do you need it on your mobile device?). That kind of stuff is for at home.

Again...who are these people?

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  1. Wallym says:

    I’d love to pull my playboy phone out at work. What a statement that would make……….NOT. I put the playboy phone right up there with fuzzy dice. A fashion statement for the incredibly stupid.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do I have to say it? You can’t take a laptop into the bathroom without getting funny looks.

  3. Michael says:

    In Australia (& UK I think) we have had Playboy content available on mobiles phone for about 9 months now via the only 3G provided here. Only a matter of time until someone ends up looking for another job.

  4. Patblue says:

    Rest assured dear Heather, you probably will never encounter Playboy content on my mobile device <j>.

  5. Heather says:

    Anon-*normal* people don’t even take a magazine in there. It’s just wrong!

    Michael-it’s nice to know that other countries are exporting their yuck to us and not just the other way around (and before someone jumps on this, I don’t have any problem with what people do in the privacy of their own homes).

  6. Heather says:

    Pat…now I knew that ; ) One of the things I like about you…among many others ; )

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a strange world we are living in. In 18th & 19th century people’s ethics did not allow such thing called adultry now it’s is a BUSINESS & ENTERTAINMENT (Playboy ENTERPRISES) !!!! It’s a company like Microsoft, Intel or IBM! Now this ironic & pathetic 🙁

  8. Jeff Atwood says:

    > Again…who are these people?


  9. Jesse Squire says:

    We’re living in a society where people claim to have a pr0n "addiction"… maybe putting it on the mobile phone is the only way to get those people to leave the house and see their therapist? =)

  10. Scott says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, at first I thought this was pretty stupid also. I still thinks it’s pretty dumb, at least the part where you can download images. But there’s two parts to this. It also says they are making hip-hop and jazz audio clips available. I could see being able to download audio clips, from whoever, to my mp3 enabled phone as a "good thing". I could also see if they made the articles (articles? Playboy has articles?) available to moble subscribers. I could see reading a Playboy interview or 20Q’s during my morning commute.

    But anyone who is downloading pictures of nude women to their moble phone…. I mean c’mon. If you want to see nude women that badly you don’t have to pay Playboy. Just type in "girl scout cookies" in Google with SafeSearch turned off.

  11. Anonymous1 says:

    Hey, dueling Anonymi. cool. I’m Anonymous1, the bathroom guy.

    Porn’s been around a very long time. This is just the next logical step.

  12. Heather says:

    Anon1…still sad and weird. If you gotta take it on your phone with you, might I recommend a therapist? ; )

  13. Anonymous1 says:

    Maybe I’m on a long trip and I don’t want to bring a laptop…

  14. Rob says:

    In the privacy of your home is one thing, but at work?

    People are supposed to turn off their cell phones at work when in  meetings where I am, and to tell friends and family not to call them during work.

    With playboy on a phone at work, well it ought to be the same with games, that is ought to be a pink slip offence.

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