Is .jobs the staffing domain of the future?

Gerry Crispin has been talking about this for a little while...glad he posted it to his blog. There's a movement underway to create a .jobs (that's "dot jobs") web domain for corporate career sites. Aside from the implications for candidates (so much easier to find the career page than to search a company's main page for their careers site), I personally think there are bigger implications for the job databases. Specifically, I think you would (will) see the larger database companies (Monster, hotjobs and careerbuilder, for example), focus their efforts more on their search tools than the content of their site. By content I mean their job postings. I think there could be a market for value add content like job search advice. On second thought, I hope that blogs are doing more of that in the future. Since these companies would likely be more focused on creating tools that would allow a seeker to search across the .jobs domain, they would not have control over the job posting would include everything on the .jobs domain .Guess then that they wouldn't be able to charge companies to post jobs. Also, since the sites would be less sticky (basically referring people to company career pages versus hosting the posting themselves), I suspect that advertising revenues could be affected. Perhaps the tools will be sophisticated enough to justify a fee for the user (a marketing message could be about how their tool helps you search the ENTIRE domain to find that just right job). I'm just speculating. I'm sure the job board folks are already figuring out their next move if the .jobs domain becomes a reality (or when it becomes a reality according to Gerry). Those companies tend to do a good job of creating new business models as the climate of the staffing industry evolves.

This could significantly change the experience for recruiters who do a lot of job posting (I don't but have in the past and know others who do) as well as the candidate. I don't have an up-close view of how this campaign to establish the domain is progressing, but I'll be sure to share anything else I hear.

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  1. Michael says:

    Heather some interesting thoughts. I agree with making things easier (in fact I have been writing about this a bit recently but not really sure about a new TLD.

  2. Heather discusses Gerry Crispin’s plan to create a .jobs top level domain (TLD). She thinks that this will help people find jobs more effectively. I agree with the basic strategy, but I disagree with the tactical approach. The creation of…

  3. Jesse Squire says:

    Wouldn’t the challenge be to get Average-Joe-Internet-User to acknowledge that there are more domains then just .com?

    In my experience, many (most?) users that aren’t from a technical field assume every url begins with "www" and ends with ".com". I can see them using "" and wondering why it isn’t working.

  4. dru says:

    Why not just have some kind of standard third level domain like Do we really need a new Top Lovel Domain?

  5. Heather says:

    Jesse-I think redirects from existing corp jobs urls would take care of that.

    Dru-not sure. I think it has something to do with the searchability across the domain and the ability to impose standards for the domain. But I’m not close enough to it to have an opinion on that.

  6. Michael says:

    I would think that some of the really smart people in MSN search, Yahoo search and Google Search could solve some of the searching issues. Also it might just require some extensions to HTML, similar to what the guys a Technorati have been proposing to help track communities with XFN, have a look @ Or maybe resumes and job sites need special meta tags to help the search guys track them down?

  7. Jim Stroud says:

    Interesting speculations… The possibilities represented in the .jobs domain makes me think of Direct Employers (dot com) which spiders the career sections of websites now.

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