Hyperion giving employees $5K toward purchase of green car

Interesting tactic that could be good for recruiting/retention. I assume that many of their employees and/or recruiting targets are pretty environmentally focused (we've got a pretty environmentally aware group of employees here as well...some day, I'll tell you about the environmental work I did in college).

Anyway, for publicly traded companies, a move like this has to equate to some business value...retention, recruiting, goodwill. Otherwise you gotta deal with the shareholders. Just like any other employee benefit. I would assume that their shareholders approved this and I'll be really interested to see follow-up on this. I expect to see their PR team market the heck out of this. Wonder if they thought about whether bloggers would pick up on it.

In case you are going to ask whether Microsoft does something like this, we give employees bus passes and a new transit center just went up right across the street from campus.

I'd be interested in hearing from some Hyperion employees about what they know about the program and how many people are taking advantage of it.

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  1. ChiGuy says:

    Hi Heather,

    Nice weblog…I’m getting out of my Thanksgiving holiday mode and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and a welcome break.

    If you are aware of any MS Finance blogs, can you please post the link here. I’ve an interview next week for Microsoft Finance and I have no idea about the interview format and content.

    thanks a lot,


  2. Heather says:

    Hey ChiGuy…no MS finance blogs…sorry. I think that much of the info you find here is relevant to interviews for finance positions at Microsoft as well. The format should be the same. The content will be different. You’ll get a lot of the same standard questions and they’ll want to get to know you….what motivates you, what you are passionate about, why you think Microsoft could be the right company for you…that kind of thing. From a functional standpoint, you shouldn’t expect a strict question and answer format. You will likely be given business scenarios/cases and asked to solve. So in this regard, to prepare, I would recommend you thinking about how you approach business problems. I think I posted a while back about case study questions and I would think about potential questions for finance roles in the same way. I asked one of the finance recruiters and he confirmed all this. He also said you’ll get some behavioral questions ("tell me about a time when…"), but that is pretty standard across most companies. Good luck with your interviews!

  3. ChiGuy says:

    Thanks a lot Heather.

    I am looking forward to my interview on Dec 6th and I really appreciate your prompt reply and keen insights.

  4. Jay R says:

    Ola Healther. Thank you for introducing this important event to me and millions of others. I will call them with a better proposition — namely, I am building a high efficiency engine, and in a full sized car it should get 100+ MPG! It is genuine US (and Canadian) technology. Why not go for a full solution?? And create a few ten thousand jobs at the same time?


    Jay R.

  5. DMF says:

    You’re correct that the move needs to equate to some business value, but I think your good nature may cloud your perception of their motives. More likely the ROI for the Hyperion CEO (Godfrey Sullivan) was his first face time on CNBC since assuming the role last summer. Despite his expressed "Passion" for the environment he can still be seen driving his $130K Mercedes to the office on a daily basis.

    The Board did in fact approve the move for PR reasons, and utilization has been (as expected) quite low. By virtue of this Web Log entry, I submit that that PR move is working. A quick Google of Hyperion on Microsoft’s Web Logs will lead one right to your posting – too bad their software doesn’t rate any mention 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    DMF-that doesn’t surprise me. It’s not my good nature that keeps me from stating something like that…just my lack of first hand knwledge…really, I’m not that good natured ; )

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