I’m a marketer…I’m a recruiter…no, I’m a girl with purple hair

I think my hair is purple. Would you tell me the truth if I asked you? Ah, never mind. I think I already know the answer. A while back, I blogged about managing your own personal brand. The blog post was in reference to job searching but it crossed my mind today, because I became acutely aware of my brand. If you ever want to know what your brand is, listen to how you are introduced. Seriously. Today, Dr. John Sullivan  introduced me as someone who is "fun" and "definitely not an accountant with that hair" (he said some other nice things too). I'm still laughing about that. I have to admit that I did notice that the lighting in the Javits Center could make one say that the color I've got going on probably does not occur in nature (don't bother looking at my bio pic...I change my hair color when I get bored...who is that nice girl in that picture anyway?).

So my point isn't actually about the hair (I went significantly gray prematurely...and the lighting is different in Seattle...I swear!). It's just good to check in on how people see you...even if you have to ask someone...or be introduced.

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  1. dr.nik says:

    Purple Hair?

    Right on. I had purple hair over the summer. I let it grow out for the fall time, but will probably go back to it for the holidays.

    I’m a Special Effects dye guy.

  2. Russ Moon says:

    I was blonde a couple years ago, still get the chuckle comments when showing ID at the grocery store. Spare me. Better than what’s underneath. Ash brown for now, but can’t let the ladies have all the fun.

    10 minutes to a new identity, at least I still have hair to dye.

  3. Larry S. says:


    I saw your name/picture on the Las Vegas / 2005 Recruiting Conference and was happy to find your blog page. I’m a 10-year marketing guy turned tech recruiter/BDM about a year ago. I feel like we might have a lot in common. My "brand" is changing too – I think people see me as somebody who strive bring some much needed integrity into what I have found to be a very flaky business.

    What are your thoughts regarding integrity in this business?

    Larry S.

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