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Via John Dowdell, a cheat sheet of google's Boolean operator protocol. Fairly standard but always good to have a cheat sheet. There's also a book called "Google Hacks" full of tools and tricks for power users (some of it was above my head technically, but there's still some good stuff in there)

Alta Vista used to have a good tutorial but it's long gone <sigh>...why do they get rid of the good stuff? (Yeah, and who was it that decided to cancel "My So Called Life" too?! I miss Angela Chase)

By the way, MSN let's you tweak how your results are returned, by file type, language, location, other stuff. I'm just saying.

And there are more guides online on Boolean and searching here, here, here, here,  and with ven diagrams here. If you want to search for more info on Boolean search strategies, use the word "advanced" as a keyword. Most of the info out there just gives you the basic operators.

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  1. Russ Moon says:

    The Google Cheat Sheet – works ! I own it, I use it and for the purposes for which it is intended to be used, a very worthwhile tool. I have found through experience that some of the most basic techniques, when properly executed can be very effective.

    It is not a sourcing plan, it is a tool to rapidly allow you to mine up a pipeline of candidates, in the hands of an expert in less than 5 minutes, a mere mortal can do well in under 30 minutes. The more time you spend with it the more powerful it becomes. – read all about it, instructions on use, how to order

    Not a paid endorsement, sharing something I can comment on from 3 months of using it frequently, tested under extreme sourcing conditions. When you receive 5-6 requisitions that are all "High Priority" the world stops if I don’t have candidates now, you will be glad you have this tucked away in your desk.

    If someone knows of another tool that is this good, share it with me.

  2. Shally says:

    Hey this is pretty cool, Heather! When I was doing a presentation at Google to the recruiters, a few of the Engineers were listening in. I think its great that they have a one page CheatSheet!

    By the way, if anyone out there wants an advanced "Recruiter’s" list of commands, I have one available at



  3. Google’s cheat sheet, ,

    inspired me to create

    a Google Advanced Operator Cheat Sheet


    a Google Calculator Cheat Sheet

    Someone from Cal State Sacramento created the following quikref

  4. Anonymouse Googler says:

    I heard Google took the idea (ripped off) from someone else to create that one page cheat sheet! Talk about "dont’ be evil" ={

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