The World’s Very Best Job Sites?

Dave Lefkow writes about the best job sites. OK, is it just me or, as you click through some of the links, do you find that these all kind of look the same? It very well may be me since I'm a recruiter and have looked at more than my fair share of job sites...for the purposes of comparing. So it's going to take a lot more to "wow" me.

 I know that job sites are necessary and that large corporations (like Microsoft) get a lot of applicants from their site that they actually end up hiring. It's just that I am not seeing anything new and different. Is anyone doing anything new and different? Is there nowhere left to go?


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  1. Heather, there are new and exciting htings going on out there. We are an employment marketing firm in Dallas, TX and have developed several new tools to improve the candidates’ experience on corporate job sites.

    One is a marketing tool called Employment Talk Radio. This is a format created and branded exclusively for a specific company. The tool will be accessible off the corporate web site and from disks we create to hand off to candidates. The tool is a series of short interviews with current company employees and executives helping us brand the employment experience at the company. The objective of this campaign will be to generate interest and excitement for the available opportunity with our targeted audiences. It also allows the candidates to hear about the corporate culture, strategic direction of the company form the CEO, benefits, reason why this position is so important to the firm, and what the ideal qualifications are direct from the hiring manager.

    Chris Scowden

    The Empower Network

  2. saeed says:

    The world’s best jobsite i ever obsreved

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