Michael Gartenberg says companies should be concerned about blogging…

for a number of different reasons. In his recent post, Michael asserts that companies should work to understand what is being said about them via weblogs, and should be concerned with what corporate bloggers and personal bloggers (who identify the company they work for) are saying. He makes some good points. I can't tell you if the fact that I am not fearful has more to do with my personality or the company I work for (probably a little of each) and whether I would be doing this if I worked elsewhere (I hope so, but who knows). So I agree that companies should be aware and beware (hee!) but I'm not sure I agree with Michael 100% on the fear factor (sorry, I am finding myself funny today)...though he always has something interesting to say.

Comments (2)

  1. Ds says:

    it’s the pub/sub model taking over the suggestion-box for feedback. probably a good thing since big organizations seem to have a hard time incorporating feedback.

  2. Michael says:

    Companies should not fear blogging, however they should understand it and ensure that their employees understand the organisation’s view point. This can only be done through clear and consistent communication with employees.

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