The fear of making a job change…

Via Curt Rosengren at Occupational Adventure, Donna Cardillo's article about moving past fear to find the job of your dreams. Are you in your current role because you really love it or because you are afraid to make a bold move?

Donna's advice actually applies to just about any fear you want to conquer. I have one that I am working on conquering right now and didn't realize that I was already doing some of the right things (seeking out like-minded people that will speak with you about it and encourage you).

Be brave! Do what you love!

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  1. Shortly after 9/11, my .COM job went the way of almost all .COM jobs. I had a few clients I had been doing part time work for, and I just made it into a full time gig, and I have never (well, seldom) looked back. I love my "job", I work at home, can ride my bike out at lunch (I can get to the beach, have lunch overlooking the ocean, and be back home in aobut an hour and 15 minutes). I hate looking for new projects (something I have not had to do much of. but am looking now), but other than that, there is nothing I dislike about what I am doing.

    I have had a couple of life threatening illnesses over the years, and all I can say is that for all of you out there, I hope you do what you want before you even have to be prompted by cancer or some other disease…

  2. Heather says:

    Wow…Douglas, that really puts things into perspective for the rest of us.

  3. My daughter happens to be walking around the house today with a T-Shirt that says "No day but today" (from Rent). I think that sums it up. If you are not doing what you love today, at least start today on the path to that dream job.

    I love my job!<g>.

  4. Yeah, but you know what you’ve got.

    I have a job that pays well enough so that my wife can pursue her dreams. I have a job that I’m really good at. I have a job that I actually think is important, where I really make a difference. But I also have a job that is not all that challenging any more.

    I kinda want to try something else instead. I kinda want to try to get a job as a tester. I think I could become really good at that too – I have pretty good technical skills, I’m usually both creative and methodical, and I have a knack for breaking things… but I know what I’ve got, and what I’ve got is pretty good.


  5. Ah, you have entirely reasonable conflicting priorities. Maybe in this case, you stick with the less than totally challenging job, but for the purpose of allowing your wife to achieve her dream. Ideally, there is some expectation that her dream will be reached (or she will decide that the dream cannot be reached) at some point, and then you can more easily persue your dream.

    Good luck in any event!

  6. Jason Davis says:

    These issues always come up in recruiting. I had a post on my blog a while back and your post reminded me of it so I re posted the article.



  7. Greg says:


    Thanks for this. I just love the synchronicity of it all. Check out my recent posts on The Epicenter. (

    Best Regards,


  8. Anonymous says:

    greg’s making a change….go Greg go!

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