My quote in the NY Times Job Market section

I'm still hearing that tick-tick-ticking sound. Here's the article.  There were other quotes that I gave that I thought were better, but I realize the article isn't about me me me!

Just glad that people are taking notice of blogging for recruiting.

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  1. Chuck Nyren says:

    Searched for you after reading the article.

    I don’t technically blog – but I have a bunch of online articles about advertising to baby boomers – and a book deal is in the works, so that should be fun.

    My interest in leaving a comment: While I work freelance, every so often I check the job boards and send a resume into the ether. Two people (one from Microsoft HR, one from a headhunting firm, Sakson & Taylor) contacted me about a job at MSN. I could tell that it was the same job. I’m pretty certain I won’t get the position – but it was interesting actually TALKING to someone from the Microsoft HR department. I thought it was just a black hole that sucked up even the employees in that department…

    So what were your comments/quotes not included in the NYT piece?

    I’m ‘quoted’ all over the place in newspapers, magazines, etc. — and I rarely even remember that I said this and that. It will happen again, so be forewarned.

  2. Chuck Nyren says:

    And by the way…

    I found the article because at the moment it’s about #5 on the list of top emailed articles. You’re famous.

  3. Heather says:

    Chuck—where do you see it’s #5? That’s cool to know!

    My other quotes were around why I blog. The fact that it’s a communication vehicle but not a "strategy". That the biggest value I get is sharing about what it’s like to work at Microsoft…in marketing or recruiting and basically establishing an industry presence for myself. Initially I thought it was going to be a tool for collecting resumes and while I have received some great resumes direclty via the blog (and I hope they keep coming), it serves a broader purpose as well.

  4. Chuck Nyren says:

    Go to the NYT home page and there is a link to the Top 25 most emailed articles. Or, click on any article and there will be a link.

    Here’s a direct link, but I’m not sure it will work from here:

    At the moment, it’s dropped to #10. I guess people think the presidential election articles are somehow more important than finding jobs while blogging.

    And since you mentioned it, here’s my resume:

  5. johnza says:

    Very cool. Blogging as jobs research (if not interview prep) and blogs as promition for recruiting. Smart.

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