Great article today on building morale

In the ERE daily newsletter, David Lee asks "Are you Really Serious About Improving Morale?" . David posits that "goodies, gimmicks, and gala events" don't work (gotta agree with him there...these things can be fun but don't have a long-lasting impact on morale) but many companies take this approach to building employee morale. According to David, what works is "designing a work experience based on the plethora of research about which organizational factors, managerial practices, and human needs lead to an inspired, engaged workforce."

If you manage people or have any responsibility for employee morale, read this article.

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  1. Chris Woodruff says:

    Building morale in your organization is simple and that is why most people cannot do it. Because simple does not mean easy and quick only that it involves a lot of common sense.

  2. dan says:

    Heather – If you see the second article in this series can you post about it? I just sent the first one to our internal team that is working on morale issues, and would like to make sure they get the second one. Thanks!!!

  3. Heather says:

    dan-no problem. Your team should subscrive to the ERE but I’m happy to make sure that the secind article is documented here.

  4. ko says:

    If you look at the bottom of the page linked to, there’s a link to the author’s website which contains a number of articles in this area:

    The website is

    and the article page is

  5. It’s no secret that Sun has struggled for few years now. But things have turned around in a huge way recently, and so has morale. It’s extremely encouraging to experience.

    One thing Scott McNealy did recently was to appoint Jonathan Schwartz, a 38 year-old, to the dual positions of President and Chief Operating Officer. A controversial move at the time, but one that has sparked a great deal of new business innovation at Sun. One of the first things Schwartz did was to free Sun’s voice by enabling blogging. It cost almost nothing, and the return has been massive. Fascinating story here from Tim Bray ( about how this all came about. The bottom line, though, is that seven months later, Sun has more than 800 bloggers! We have arguably the hottest corporate blogging site in Silicon Valley. We are liberated. And morale is way up.

  6. Heather says:

    OK, Jim, you get one patently obvious Sun endorsement on my blog…no more! I’m in a good mood today ; )

  7. Morgan Jenks says:

    Employee morale is directly linked to the daily interface between supervisor and direct report.  Middle management is just about all the rank and file ever get to deal with on a dialy basis.  Read "160 Degrees of Deviation"  by Jerome Alexander.  This is a great book on how managers subvert the good intentions of the corporation and what to do about ti.  

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