In a bit of a blog fog…but here’s what’s coming

Traveling and working on so many things at once has put me into a bit of a blog fog...not to be confused with jet lag. Just couldn't get my head around some good blog posts after being side tracked by so many other things. I'm prioritizing stuff I wanted to post here and will elaborate on this later this week....just kind of thinking out loud:

1) Thanks to the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) and Michael Salerno specifically....will post more on this later (BPMA rocks and they know it). Also probably makes sense to talk about the place of professional associations in your job search and how recruiters think about them. Based on the fact that I speak at their meetings, you can guess that I am in favor of them. I'll elaborate more this week and will let you know the best way to leverage them (as a recruiter, as a candidate and as a hiring I have you all covered?).

2) I promised the ERE folks some links to some resources on blogging. Not just where to go to start a blog, but news readers and other relevant blog-related's coming, I promise. If there are specific questions with regard to this that you would like to have answered, don't be is a good time to ask.

3) Advice on starting a recruiting blog. Someone asked for this a while ago and I thought that now was a good time...will blog on it later this week. I presented some of this but think that there are some staffing readers out there that couldn't make it to ERE.

4) Had a good conversation last week about the difference between skills, talents and experience. It's worth thinking through the difference when interviewing with any company and also when thinking about how to market yourself as a candidate. And it wouldn't hurt the hiring community to speak to the differences when writing job descriptions. More on this to come as well...

There, now I said I was going to blog on it so I know I'll do it this week (aren't public commitments motivating?). If there are other topics you are interested in, feel free to post a comment or hit that contact button in the upper left corner. I'd love to hear from you!

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