Interviewing in Boston next week

Hmm, this week  has kind of gotten away from me. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm trying to pack 5 days of work into a 4 day work-week or the fact that I have been simultaneously working on testing out our new system, helping get our sourcing strategy figured out and communicated and planning for a trip next week to Boston where I'm presenting twice, attending a conference and interviewing people. But I'm beat and it's only Thursday (it is Thursday, right?).  I love to be busy, but weeks like this call for a couple good bottles of wine, some Advil and a very quiet house. And they don't leave much time for blogging. That doesn't mean I love you any less ; )

So, as I mentioned, next week I'll be in Boston. I've got time to set up some interviews while I am there (will have 2 co-workers with me too). So if there are folks out there with a strong marketing background, feel free to send me an e-mail with your resume and we'll see if we can get something set up (gotta do this before 3 PM on Friday if you could). I'll post a little later on the types of roles/backgrounds I am focused on nowadays.

Hope to see some of you in beantown!

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