Will I be a blogging granny?

I mean, someday? OK, I've thought a little too much about my birthday a little later this year (ugh, 36...yep that is 2 voters!). And also thought about the fact that I have forgotten how not to blog. It's kind of like how dogs are always sniffing around for something that they can mark. I'm always thinking about what I can blog on. And I haven't even been doing it that long. It's addictive. You'd think I'd have something more interesting to say.

So, I'm not sure what would happen that would keep my from becoming a old blogging lady (my granny is over 70  and loves the internet...well, I mean since I explained it to her). If you are a blogger too, it will happen to you. We could go online and talk about which restaurants have the best early-bird specials.

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  1. Julie Lerman says:

    what is really funny is that as I’m reading about your granny, I’m picturing the quintissential little old lady who should be in a horse & buggy, wearing a pinafore and trying to understand the internet. But then I stop and think that my dad just turned 70 this summer and he seems not very much different to me than he did at 50.

  2. Ugh, totally. I’ll be a blogging old fart for sure. As you said, it’s too much a part of me.

  3. Heather says:

    Julie, my Grandma is pretty cool actually. Her generation is just not technical, obviously. I think they still have a phone with a rotary dial! She’s on WebTV and loves to use it to stay in touch with our family which extends across the US.

  4. 36 years old is not old at all – you have a full life in front of you. I admit I have a biased opinion since I am 37 🙂 Both of my grandmothers have passed away (rest their souls) but they were not big on technology – they were very very down to earth and practical.

    By the time we are 70 we will probably just to have think at a terminal or input device and our thoughts will transcribe into the blog technology of 2037


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