Tricks of the Trade..from circus clown to software developer

The Morning News ran this article on tricks of the trade, from people in different occupations. Interesting how he made the connection between clown and software developer. Don't blame me...I didn't make this up. I'm just saying!

What's really weird is that jugglers, clowns, balloon-twister and street performer all made the occupations list. Makes you wonder if  Matthew Baldwin did his research at the carnival.

And I feel a lot better know knowing how to get rid of big blobs of bugs, act drunk, and avoid annoying renditions of "the 12 days of Christmas".

Comments (2)

  1. Don Newman says:

    With a little modification, most of those tips can be used by developers dealing with clients and/or managers.

  2. Heather says:

    I just want to go to a piano store and find out how old I look ; )

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