We are just normal people trying to do a good job!

Lenn talks about his relationship with Microsoft before he worked here and how getting to know some MS Tech Evangelists made him want to join the company.  It's interesting how many people are surprised that the Microsoft employee they've just met is actually cool/nice/normal/whatever. Some MS employees don't advertise that they work here because they know the hassle we can get. I don't mind letting people know (although I will admit that all those free Microsoft t-shirts I've received end up as sleepwear, not day wear) that I work at Microsoft. Every day is an opportunity to change someone's perception of this company, by just being a cool, normal person.

Comments (2)

  1. Heather, re the T-Shirts. Anthony’s a Medium. And I’m a Large or XL.

  2. Heather says:

    CH-I’ll keep that in mind…I’m not much of a t-shirt gal (at least not the bulky men’s sizes we get around here), so you’re at the top of my list if any more come my way.

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