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In BusinessWeek Online, Olga Kharif writes about increasing competition in the job board space; where  has been a leader for quite some time (I was reminded recently of the "old days" when people used OCC...remember that?). She references eBay's newly purchased interest in Craigslist as well as the emergence of some "up and comers" with big wallets that could give a run for it's money.

Could it be that companies are putting their money into job boards because they see the economy turning around? Or is something else going on here?

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  1. Maybe one of these will actually be effective at filtering the noise for both potential employees and for employers.

  2. Nik Palmer says:

    As a former job board guy, now working in Human Capital Solutions, I doubt it Jeremy.

    There are a fair number of studies and white papers and the like on the concept, but in my opinion, the bottom line is without a marriage of effective screening tools, filtering of candidates and jobs will still be at the mercy of the users.

    This cross functional merging is happening as more boards allow direct links OFF Their site to screening services or corporate application sites.

    A few things re: Monster.

    They are no longer just a "job board" they are diversified into a variety of services, but the Job board brand will not go away. They pwnz it. Competition for the top slot may be expensive and not such a great target. Unless someone pops up with a great "Killer ap" job board functionality, taking on Monster is going to be a LONG, EXPENSIVE fight for market share.

    What I think we will see is continued development of Niche services and sites that focus more on employer and user experience. Industry and regional sites continue to grow, develop, and thrive despite the "big boards" and national hubs.

  3. Anonymous says: » Where are the candidates? or Where do you find your employees?

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