I *finally* have something to point to!

There are a handful of people in the staffing industry that are branded. By this, I meant that if you say the person's name to someone else in the industry, they know exactly who you are talking about, what this person does, their area of expertise, etc. Gerry Crispin is one of those people (and a cool guy, as I mentioned before).

You have heard me implore recruiters to start blogging. I'm not quite sure why I am on such a quest to inspire staffing bloggers other than the fact that I found something that I think is going to change the industry and since I know it's coming, I want it to happen right now. Plus, I want something to point to. The tech bloggers have this community of corporate bloggers (to some extent, I see it as my community too) that are interested in and writing about the same technology or industry space. They have common interests and link to articles and posts by fellow tech bloggers.

For the few of us blogging about recruiting, it's been a little lonely out here. Part of me wants to forget about writing about staffing as a profession and focus on marketing and the high tech industry. But staffing is part of who I am and it's a big part of why I even had an interest in marketing and tech in the first place. This is Heather's "Marketing at Microsoft" Blog and Heather is a recruiter (eww, I just referred to myself in the third person...sorry). And I am part of the recruiting community. So I must blog about recruiting.

This is why I am so excited to announce that Gerry Crispin is blogging! I just took a look at his first few posts and, as expected, he's serving up info that staffing professionals can really use! And now, when I blog about staffing, I have someone to point to, even though my parents said it's rude to point...you don't mind, do you Gerry? ; )

Recruiters, Gerry is definitely worth blogrolling!

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  1. GAH @ people not advertising feeds.

    I’ll happily subscribe to this blog as the content is fantastic.

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