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If you are in marketing, you've probably heard an adage about how many people an unsatisfied customer tell about his/her experience (hint: it's more than the number a happy customer will tell). Well, blogs seem to be a place where lots of people are willing to tell you all about their experience with their favorite product and the one they just hate. They'll tell you where they bought it, how they use it and what they like/dislike about it. Companies pay good money for that kind of customer research.

At Microsoft, I know that we have community folks that go into discussion groups and the like to get an understanding of how our customers feel about our products and out competitors products. But I'm not sure that this is someone's whole job. I wonder if such a person does or will exist. Will this change the scope of market research? Corporate blogging companies will be at an advantage because they understand the medium, but what about the companies that are not blogging? Will they realize that they have to enter the blogosphere where one disgruntled customer has the ability to tell 2 friends...are ten thousand; at least to engage that person that reviewed their product?

The blogosphere has a low entry barrier and the potential to shape opinions. Regardless of whether you are a corporate blogger, your company has to deal with the fact that bloggers can impact the perception of your product and/or brand. This doesn't mean that you have to blog, but you have to know who is blogging about you. And these people are potentially much more powerful than your marketing budget. Enter the blogosphere or suffer the (marketing) consequences. 

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  1. I bought a Panasonic 2-line phone model KX-TS208W. that failed within a month of purchase.  It came with a notice that you cannot take it back to the seller.  I called Panasonic and after several futile conversations the only remedy they could offer was to mail the phone to Texas and they would test it and send me a refurbished phone.  I told them I need the phone and asked them to send me another and I would send the defective phone back to them.  They were unmoved, so now I have a phone for which I paid more than $40 that does not work properly.  Beware dealing with Panasonic.

  2. Traci Wihlen says:

    This is an FYI – I have a front loading washing machine.  I was using ALL FREE CLEAR HE up until a month or two ago when the store that I purchase at did not have it.  I therefore bought ALL FREE CLEAR which said "For all machines, including HE." right on the bottle.  Now thinking that sure it is ok to use this in my front loading washer which requires HE laundry detergent, I purchased the large container and have been using it.  I clean out my soap dispenser every couple months just to clean up any soap that spills over the edge etc.  Well, when I removed the soap dispenser in my washer I noticed a white residue in the soap dispenser.  I had to scrap it out.  Upon further investigation I notice a thick white residue on the inside of the washer’s soap dispensing area!  It was at least a 1/4 inch thick!  I had to really scrap to get most of this out and it did not all come out.  Needless to say, when I rinsed my hands after scraping this stuff off, I noticed it was the laundry detergent as it was soapy feeling!  I contacted the company via email and their reply was to wipe off the soap that I spill on my machine because it will build up!  This was not even what I put in my email!  I then called the 1-800 # on the bottle and tried to explain the situation to the woman at the company that makes the ALL laundry detergent.  She just kept telling me I should not be using that laundry detergent as it is not for HE.  I told her it says you can right on the bottle!  After trying to explain that I think they need to remove that off the bottle if you aren’t supposed to use it in front loading machines she said she would pass along my comments.  I was a bit annoyed that she kept telling me I should not be using this soap and only use the HE soap!  I told her I would not of bought that soap had it not said "For all machines, including HE!"  I also contacted the place that I purchased the laundry soap which was Sam’s Club and they were very nice and said they would pass the info along to the managment.  I would like to recommend that anyone with a front loading washing machine stay away from All Free Clear with the small lettering in blue that says "For all machines, including HE."  Stick with the All Free Clear HE (this has the HE in big letters (green I think) with a circle around it – it is very clearly marked on the containers as HE).  It does not leave the residue like the other one does.  I hope this info helps someone out.  Thank you.  

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, I’m shutting off comments for this post. I keep getting random product complaints by people who didn’t read the blog enough to know what it was about.

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