Earth, Wind, Fire and Heather

This Sunday, I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a VERY long time. I am going to see Earth, Wind and Fire at the White River Amphitheater. Actually, it's Chicago with Earth,Wind and Fire, but I think it should be the other way around. I am a HUGE EWF fan. I'm not a fan club kind of person and I couldn't name the guys in the band (I used to care about that stuff when I was 14, now I just appreciate the sound). I've been asking around to see which of my friends would go with me if EWF came to town and there were no takers (they don't know what's good). But my dad remembered and got tickets (way to go Dad!) and that is who I am going with.  I can't wait. 


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  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    I went to the Chicago-EWF concert at the PNC Arts Center in New Jersey a couple of weeks back. It rained all night and we were soaked – (Lawn Seats) They were great, it was well worth the almost colds and pneumonia We got. If you friends won’t go, they are dumb. Take me instead! I’d love to see them again. Phil was incredible and so were the new young guys in Chicago. When both bands played the finale it was just tremendous. we swayed and boogied to the music much like everyone else. Just plain great!

    Bruce Johnson

  2. Heather says:

    I am resisting the urge to create a new post about the concert. But it was great! Verdine White was on fire (always love those bass players!). I love the funk!

  3. laurence, London says:

    Heather, also get the DVD of last year’s Greek Theatre shows, which has just come out. I’m EWF mad since the seventies, the world’s most under-rated band, and this DVD rocks. Verdine and Phil can still hack it and David Whitworth (the youngster with the dreads) has injected even more life.

    The DVD is the whole show, 3 hours, and while I think Chicago were a bigger band than they deserved – the inverse of EWF – it does all work well together. Lots of horns, joy and fabulous musicianship.

    It’s such a tragedy that the boys missed the video age and what is captured on video is their unfortunate foray into disco. They should be remembered as the ultimate jazz-funk-fusion band, And to think 30 years ago they were bringing in African rhythms and instruments, Brazlian samba, really all kinds of new stuff.

    Anyone who loves music needs to study this misunderstood band.

    Can i also recommend the CD ‘live in Rio’. This captures the original band at their high energy best in front of 140,000 people – it’s much more uptempo than the new DVD, but what do you expect with 25 years passed! Also the original frontman Maurice White, now sadly ailing and not in the tours, is on top form.

    Do enjoy



  4. HugeEWFnChicagofan says:

    I have the EWF,chicago dvd from Las Vegas 2004 and BOY THAT DVD blows me away!  I do have one beef and i dont know how to fix it. i play the DVD on my dvd player on my computer and the second dvd, Chicago, skips on only one song, The first dvd is fine, but when I pop the second in, Hard to say i’m sorry/Get away, skips towards the very end.  Does anybody know what to do with that situation?  I play it on a regular dvd player on television and it works great!

  5. HugeEWFnChicagofan says:

    I meant the DVD from Los Angeles Greek Theatre, DUH> sorry folks

  6. tigger c says:

    looking forward to September’08, again, every year…my brother in law david "tigg" whitworth…  SOOOO proud of him!!!

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