We’re All Journalists Now

Wired News article: "We're All Journalists Now". Xeni Jardin talks to Dan Gillmore, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and opinion leader on media and technology:

       In his new book, We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, forthe People,  

      Gillmor chronicles the social and economic impact of weblogs, wikis, mobile technology and

      other networked phenomena on the business of news. Are bloggers journalists? Will phonecams

      kill the video star? Do more voices add up to more truth in media? Can you really trust everything

      you read on an RSS feed? Wired News spoke with Gillmor while he was on the road in Europe.

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  1. Gideon S. says:

    I have a bit of a problem with the bit where he implies that there’s greater room for inaccuracy in a blog than in print journalism. I mean, just look at Stephen Glass, Jason Blair, Fox news or Judy Woodruff for terrific examples of either outright lying (Glass, Blair) or using unidentified sources to give a semblance of hard news without actually doing real journalism. I tend towards demon-rat (that and hitlery klintoon are my two favorite little green footballs)/lefty blogs like dailykos, eschaton and Brad DeLong but I think across the board anyone who reads a decent cross section of blogs will tend to get a better picture than someone who just reads print media. You won’t get the breadth, because they tend to be somewhat narrowly focussed but within the issues that they cover, between the comments and things like the diaries on dailykos there’s a lot of information out there. Just stay away from blog cesspools like Little Green Footballs and the Free Republic.

    cheers Gideon

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