I could use a little customer feedback here…

One of the things I am focused on in my work is creating a positive experience for applicants and candidates. Part of that is working in a content overhaul on our marketing careers site. I worked on this the last time we updated the content and that was a while ago. It's time for a change. So I met with the marketing team that owns the site and Maureen, who is the Marketing Manager, said "this is your site...what do you want to do with it?" OK, that's pretty awesome to hear. Great start...let's change some stuff!

I started to think about who my customers are: marketing job hunters, marketers in general, interview candidates, people surfing for marketing or career related info. Hey, I think a lot of those people come to my blog (OK, probably only a fraction, but I like to think of you as my favorite customer segment)! So, think about this...that career site is a product and you are it's customer. Here's your chance to give us some feedback on the site and what you would like to see. Let us know what you like, what you don't like. For example, I'd like for us to do a better job of making sure the profiles that come up in the right side are actually marketing people. Feel free to get creative...what do you want to see on this site?


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