Heading down to Silicon Valley again…

Today I spoke with Sid, who handles "alliances" for the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association. Sounds like I am going to be heading back down to the Valley to talk with their group and do some exploratory interviews in October (Sid's clearing things with their programming team...sounds like a very organized group!). I had a great time when I did a similar event with the SVPMA, although I tried to fit too much work into a 24 hour trip. This time, my priorities are:

1) speak with SVAMA members at their meeting

2) interview marketing folks for roles at Microsoft

3) wine

4) checking out those Mexican restaurants that people recommended last time I was there

5) time for shopping?

6) sleep

Looking forward to the trip! If you are an SVAMA member and want to be considered, feel free to forward our resume to me directly (heathham@microsoft.com). Actually, even if you aren't an SVAMA member but are in the bay area and are a marketing hot shot, send me your resume! More details on the trip to follow in the days to come.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean says:

    Do you know the dates you will be coming down? I generally wouldn’t drive down, but for you. . . I’ll have to make an exception! It almost feels like going to see a celebrity!

  2. Heather says:

    Sean, it’s probably sometime mid-month. I can let you know when Sid gets back to me. I wouldn’t want you to have to drive too far…you may be disappointed by how un-celebrity-like I am ; )

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