Picking a social networking service

Good article today on MSN: Online Social Networks Go To Work. Most of the articles I've read so far have really only introduced the idea of social networking and highlighted its "coolness". In this article Xeni does a good job of peeling back the onion a bit; talking to people about HOW they use these tools. You'll also get some good insight into which services are good for specific purposes. I'm on LinkedIn right now if anyone's interested. Not sure if I am going to look at others as well, but keeping an open mind. Or trying to at least...you know no recruiter worth their salt would actually connect with a prospect via the tool once they already have the name AND there's another issue I've thought about recently that's kind of bothering me. Discussions between recruiters and prospects should be confidential, unless the prospect wishes otherwise. So is it wise for a recruiter to connect through a bunch of other people? People that would obviously know that the prospect is being contacted by a recruiter? Just my 2 cents.

I'll try and do a post sometime soon that gives links to all the social networking services and I'll ask for your feedback.

Anyway, be careful out there ; )

PS: still getting people that I don't know offering to be my connection on LinkedIn and other services. FYI-I don't accept connections with people I don't know. Otherwise, what's the point?

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  1. Gautam Ghosh says:

    linkedin.com is a pretty low time investment biz networking site..

    Some others like ecademy and ryze and orkut take up too much of effort

    I hope they all incorporate RSS style tools so that visiting them becomes uncessary.


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