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One of my co-workers told me that I was the top ranked google result for the words “marketing”, “recruiting” and “blog”. I guess I kind of already figured that. Because last week I asked you where all of the recruiting blogs are and you don't know either. And then I had to wonder whether I would have a recruiting blog if I worked somewhere other than Microsoft and the answer is “maybe not“. Aside from a desire to reach out to candidates in the marketing space and some community building goals that go along with it, I really feel that if the blogging tools here were not offered up on a silver platter, I may have picked some other medium for reaching out...something that seemed less....technical.

Well, if there are any recruiters out there reading this and wondering whether you could be blogging right now, let me tell you that I am not technical by any means and the tools are available to you, too. We have an in-house tool that I use but there are others out there that are free. I'll come back and post about some additional resources, but a good place to start is They kind of offer a primer on blogging too.

I'm hoping that I can have some kind of grassroots impact on the convergence of blogging and recruiting. I told you that I am speaking at the ERE conference in Boston this September. I'm also going to be talking about blogging during the CareerXRoads Colloquium that is being held here at Microsoft this week. This event and organization are run  by 2 well-known Internet Recruiting experts: Mark Mehler and Gerry Crispin. And they invited little-old-me to talk about my experience blogging. Should be fun.

My goal is to get some other recruiters out there blogging. It would be great to create a community to share recruiting information and one that will make it easier for potential candidates to navigate so they can see the human side of the corporations they consider applying to.

 P.S. (I love saying “PS”): I'm thinking about putting together a “starter guide” for recruiters thinking about blogging. Recruiters out there, what do you think? 

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  1. jason davis says:


    I have been running a recruiting blog for about 8 months now. I would love to have a discussion.


  2. gretchen says:

    I would love to do this. On thing I’ve wanted to do is start a newsgroup where job seekers can seek advice, ask questions, etc. Recently, I’ve found our blog has become sort of an ad hoc forum for this type of traffic so the need clearly exists. But instead of trying to start this alone (or with just the help of other MS Recruiters), I think it would be so neat to have a newsgroup that lots of recruiters frequented where we could all engage with job seekers. Whomever got to the question first answered it, but it was more of a recruiting community activity. A collective front, if you will. What do you guys think about that? It would not only help us market ourselves/companies/openings but offer great assistance to job seekers.

    btw, heather – very cool about the CareerXRoads Colloquium! I didn’t even hear about it until your entry. I’ll have to make it there next time!

  3. Marie says:

    I have done a personal blog before but would love to have some ideas and guidance regarding a recruiting blog. I have just moved to a new firm and am looking for ways to impress!

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