And this is how I know I am cool…

You know how sometimes when the bagger at the grocery store calls you “sir” or “ma'am”, you start to doubt your coolness (if the checker cards you for alcohol, it lessens the sting though)? If you are under 30, just wait, it's coming and it hurts! Well, I have proof that I am cool. After my softball league playoffs on Saturday, over some beers, the coach of one of the teams asked me out of the blue if I had my own blog. And when I told him I did, he seemed genuinely impressed and mentioned that he is hoping to start a blog himself. In my non-tech world outside of work, that make me cool (trust me, I am not cool on the softball field).

That is my story and I'm sticking with it.

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  1. Mike Kolitz says:

    It’s a blessing and a curse being cool, isn’t it? 😉

  2. it’s nice to know there are several other "cool" people out there 😉

  3. Don’t tell your mother you drink beer.

  4. Heather says:

    CH-I drink beer with my mother…how about that?

  5. Very true!

    I got myself in teh news (Mercury News – San Jose Ca) "AM I FAMOUS YET? HOW ABOUT NOW?" the worst part is u can’t read it online! coz now they charged for it!!!! shame!!!

    But anywayz I love to have my MoBlog and i have another Blog on it is cool but it is like my Online Bookmarks 😉

    Take Care,


    San Jose, CA

  6. angie and trisha says:

    angie and trisha is cool

    we are the meaning of cool. if you looked up cool in the dictionary youd see a picture of us being cool.

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