Should I be afraid to like Google?

Since my blog quote got picked up by that Reuters reporter, I've had a couple people ask me about the reaction to my statement that I love Google. I guess that people expect that we somehow get in trouble if we like tech products built by other companies that compete with our products. So let me explain a couple things about working at Microsoft that will help you understand why it's OK for me to love Google:

1) We hire smart people here and for the sake of this discussion, I am going to consider myself one of them. Feel free to disagree ; ) Smart people are critical thinkers and at Microsoft, we think a lot about products. Not just our products but the products of other companies. How can we compete if we don't know what we are competing against?

2) I use search technology extensively in my job.  It's one of my most important tools. I am not only an employee of a company that makes search technology, I am a customer.

3) I want to use what my customers (readers of this blog, job seekers and marketers in general) are using. For me, that means a multitude of search engines.

4) Just because I really like one technology, doesn't mean it's the only one I use and it doesn't mean that I don't like others.

5) If nothing else, I am honest (don't ask me how you look in that outfit unless you *really* want to know)

6) People who are honest and self-critical are interesting. How long would you stick around here if I was blathering on and on about MSN Search?

So I think that you can understand where I am coming from. I believe that being self-critical as a company is what helps us to make great products and those qualities are not only reserved for executives here. In fact if you can come into an interview here and speak eloquently about how another product is better than ours with information to support your argument, you are probably doing pretty darn well in that interview!

And I have a lot of faith that when Bill Gates says “Google is kicking our butts”, that the smart folks in MSN Search are working on products to change that. We love to be challenged!

So don't be afraid for me that I stated my opinion on Google. And don't dis me if I come back here in the future and tell you that MSN just came out with something better. And that your shoes don't match your outfit.


Comments (5)

  1. I love Google too.

    In fact, I’ll know that MSN really has done something special when they get me to change my searching behavior.

    I can’t wait until I love MSN as much, or more, than Google.

    Keep it up!

  2. I see it as you are in a place where you have to use the best tools that can make your job easier. If using Google makes your job easier than that is fine. I would just commend you on finding the best technology that can locate the best talent for the opportunities you have for them. Great work!!

  3. Very well said. I had actually been wondering about this for awhile. MS bloggers have mentioned many competing products. I was instinctively encouraged by the honesty, but conditioned to think that surely MS would have a policy against promoting the competition. Thanks.

    BTW, how do I look?

  4. People working at McDonnalds eat somewhere else (at least some days I hope!)

    And besides that I like the fact that Microsoft will compete with Google, it will push the boundries and prevents the Microsoft and Google workforce from getting lazy 🙂

  5. Maurits says:

    Google’s definitely the industry leader (for now) so by all means like it.

    But – be aware that they’re in bed with the National Security Agency (so be careful what you search for! 😉

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