Where are all the recruiting blogs?

In September, I am speaking at the ERE (Electronic Recruiting Exchange) Expo. Here's my session topic:

Blogging for Talent – Community Building on the Internet

Heather Hamilton
Senior Recruiter, Marketing Talent Acquisition

General talent sourcing is not enough today as candidates grow increasingly selective in their career choices. Learn how new Internet trends, like blogging and social networking along with other sourcing techniques, can connect you to a wider community of candidates and extend your employment brand in new and powerful ways.

I am going to have to start building my slides soon and I thought I would do some googling for recruiting blogs to see how other people are using their blogs (to attract candidates, offer advice, etc.). I've only linked to a small handful and figured I had to be missing quite a few...but I just can't find them.

We aren't that cutting edge, are we? Am I going to have to walk into a room full of recruiters and explain what a blog is from scratch? Anyone reading any other recruiting blogs out there?

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  1. Todd says:

    "Am I going to have to walk into a room full of recruiters and explain what a blog is from scratch?"

    I sure hope not! — but that may just end up happening 🙂

    "Anyone reading any other recruiting blogs out there?"

    I don’t know of any other recruiting blogs. Every once in a while, Google has something about recruiting on their blog (http://www.google.com/googleblog/), but it’s rarely very informative.

    You wouldn’t want to post any of the other ones you’ve found, would you?

  2. Blogging has gone mainstream in the Internet culture, but in the recruiting profession it is still largely unexplored as a tool for attracting talent. To my knowledge, you are the only one seriously exploring it – that’s why we’re so excited to have you present at the ER Expo in September!

    A little over a year ago, a bunch of recruiting-related blogs popped up, but most of them have fallen into disuse since then, and havn’t been updated in months.

    The most recently updated one is http://recruiting101.blogspot.com/ , but even his most recent post was in late April!

  3. Heather says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for responding…so you ERE folks really do read my blog ; ) Cool.

    Trust me, I love the idea of being a trend setter…gives me something to live up to. I have some great thoughts around how other companies can be doing this. I would love to see a community of recruiting blogs all linked together at some point in the next year. Maybe ERE could even think about hosting blogs on the website…

  4. Nik Palmer says:

    In the AIRS forum, we had a run of references to Recruiting BLOG’s. If you’ve the inclination to go hunting: http://www.airsdirectory.com (Free registration required). If you can find them, then connect with me at AIRS.

    Unfortunately All the ones that I researched, and found (from ATS evaluations from users and clients to company or industry specific) have failed or fallen to major disuse.

    The active Recruiting Blogs on MY roll? (surf to site for the roll links)



    Monster Jobs Blog

    All the others that i’ve seen, well frankly… they suck.

  5. Nik Palmer says:

    Oh and by the way….. WAY TO GO!!!!!


    WOO WOO!

  6. Of course we read it – we’re hip, we’re cool.

    I see that you Gretchen & Zoe have spoken about having guest recruiters come in and blog, but didn’t get many takers.

    Hosting recruiter’s blogs is something that we’ve discussed before at ERE – it’s an interesting idea for a professional community like ours, and we should talk some more about it!

  7. Heather says:

    David-I am trying to encourage some of the other recruiters to start their own blogs. I think we may get one or 2 more up and running in the next few months.

    I look forward to meeting you in Boston!

  8. Darren says:

    I’ll make you a wager, if you like. I don’t know what it should be for…a glowing plug on the other’s weblog?

    When you start the presentation, say the following: "Everyone who knows what a weblog is, raise your hand." I’d bet that less than half of the people raise their hand. In fact, it’ll probably be less than a quarter, but less than half is a safer gamble.

  9. Heather says:

    Darren, I’m not going to take you up on that wager, but nice try ; ) I’m sure you are right that few would raise their hands.

  10. tnt1842 says:

    Who has time to ‘blog’? This is really the issue in the 16-20hr a day recruitng world. I would love a ‘plumb’ job writing in my ‘spare time’, but no such thing exists in the contingent or retained world. Maybe they have fewer ‘time contraints’ in the corprate world (yeah RIGHT with all of the meetings you have to attend – SMILE). Tim.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Obviously some people do have time to do it. If you don’t, then by all means, don’t blog. It’s not for everyone.

    Not sure I know what a "plumb" job is though…I’m certainly not working 16-20 hour days.

  12. tnt1842 says:


    Didn’t mean to sound attacking. I am interested in all tools that give recruiting a better return. The problem is, once everyone has the same ‘tools’ and methods, where do you get a competitive advantage (at finding people)? When I left recruiting in 2002 during the ‘downturn’ most HR Depts. and recruitng firms were still ‘new’ to using job boards/techniques. Today,  10,000 – 10M companies are using the same job boards as  resources and they are coming back ‘stripped’ of any resources. To me, that puts me back to ‘recruiting 101’, a very time consuming process of finding candidates individually through ‘old -time’ recruiting methods. I use Jigsaw.com, TheLadders.com, TalentHook  (To find/harvest) resumes and bulk email (then ‘sift’ results),

    Infogist does the best job of ‘ranking’ candidates (with more than 2 search keywords – up to 5) and copernic.com

    does a better job of indexing the desktop and bringing up pertinent results along with the search agent PRO.

    But even THEN I still have to profile companies/Titles/Positions with Broadlook.com/profiler to ‘get inside’ companies quickly to find personnel. It helps to have a BIG NAME company to attract new (graduate) school talent, and in some cases, experienced talent, but is anyone finding the lack of necessary skills (unless contract for $80-$110k) somewhat pervasisve in the IT J2EE/Ajax arena?

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Not at all. I didn’t think you were attacking. I still think blogging is new enough to provide for a competitive advantage. Search engine optimization is a competitive advantage that is much more beneficial for blogs than statis web pages.

    Right now, my top resources, aside fro the blog, are LinkedIn and TheLadders. My team realy focused on the relationship building aspects of recruiting as well. I see blogging as an extension of that.

    I’d be the last person to promote blogging as the "recruiting tool" everyone needs to be using. It’s an employment branding tool. If you aren’t focused on building long term pipelines (versus filling open positions) and changing perceptions, and you don’t have the time to commit, it truly may not be right for you. I don’t say that to be dismissive. It’s definitely not for everyone.

  14. Andrew Rowe says:

    Primarily, I blog as a way to stay connected with our clients and our candidates. I talk to a lot of people day to day and I like to help them network and send them along to appropriate people or position. They tell me that they want to stay in touch, but they seldom do, save occasionally shooting off and email or a quick comment on the blog.  I realize its a busy world, and once candidates get placed, I think one of the ways to still provide value to them is to give them relevant content and updates. Since we mostly deal with high level sales and marketing executives – I find a lot of our clients and candidates lack the time to continue to update us on their placements. While I don’t have much time myself to sit down and write out my thoughts, but I have plenty of time while sitting in traffic to rattle off into my mini voice recorder.  That seems to help me gain traction in keeping up with the people I network with and place in high level positions.  

  15. Tim H. says:

    I’m also looking for some good blogs and considering

    starting my own in ’07….my clients are primarily

    recruiting for Healthcare management and IT

    professionals.   Any ideas where to start my search?

    Tim H.

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