Buzzword bonanza…

Here's an article from careerbuilder on corporate buzzwords. Lots of buzzwords floating around Microsoft but I haven't heard of many of these before (who comes up with this stuff anyway?). You know how I feel about buzzwords...please don't include them on your resume.

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  1. ? says:


    here is my take on buzzwords (not exactly sure what Heather’s is) : people usually come up with buzzwords when they are working on something for long and finally it starts do wok for them or the product reaches levels where they want it too OR just to "show off" how tech savvy one can be………..

    I usually take on buzzwords which usually are a funny way to address something serious. Usually adds some humor to dull life of weaving code……………….

    heather thoughts …….

  2. Heather says:

    well, i can’t say many of those things with a straight face so I have to agree with you. If I do say any those things, I usually make those annoying quotation mark (bunny ear) motions with my fingers ; )

    Glad to see that "Tszuj" made the list but I hardly see it as a corporate buzzword since I learned if from Kyan on Queer Eye. And I guess that explains how these things get started. Some cool person on TV probably makes them up. We all hear it and start to use it.

  3. Phil Renouf says:

    awww, defenestrate is on there. That is like my favorite word, although I hardly ever use it. I am pissed it’s become a buzzword though! It just sounds like a neat word, too bad it’s ruined now I guess.

    And, well, I guess I’m guilty of one of those buzzwords. I just used the phrase ‘living document’ in a doc I did last week. I shall now hang my head in shame.


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