Ready for some college football?

It's been pretty dry here...probably drier than normal but I'm no expert having only lived here for 5 years. Anyway, in my backyard, one of my trees is losing some leaves and it occurred to me that fall is coming early. Every year in late summer, my co-workers notice me behaving a little unusually. Well, last night, my dad gave me the USC New Recruits Preview CD. Between that and the hint that fall is coming, I'm ready for some college football. Since I started my blog in the spring, I'm sure you weren't expecting this from me, were you?

I'm am a HUGE college football nerd!I try to make it to a couple of games every year (last year it was USC vs UW and also the Rose Bowl). I'll be heading down for a few this year but trying to decide which ones. I can just feel it coming...GO Trojans (oops, sorry for the outburst...those keep happening).

So in a few months, here are some things that you can expect from me:

-”Coolest play I saw this weekend” I'll probably have one of these from the USC game I watched that weekend and at least one from another game. I'm all about college FB, all day Saturdays, no interruptions. Aside from the SC game, other game watching depends on what games I get, who is hot this season and where they are ranked relative to us.

-My thoughts about the Mike Williams situation. It sounds to me like he will be playing back at SC in the fall, if he does what the NCAA asked him to do. Love to have him back (although there are probably a few players that were looking forward to some extra time on the field if he had been able to enter the draft).  The guy makes big plays and he is HUGE. Can't wait to see what he will do this year (assuming he's back on the team and stayed in good shape this spring/summer).

-My opinions on Lee Corso (does he actually watch any of the games?), Kirk Herbstreit (I think he gets it right about 75% of the time) and the color commentary on Fox Sports Net (how about a little unbiased coverage guys? I don't care if you went to ucla).

-Heisman race. We will definitely have some contenders this year. If Matt Leinart does anything close to what  he did last year, he's got a great chance...then there's also Mike Williams. Last year's team was young and we only lost a few. We've got depth and some players that feel ripped off for not being able to play for the single NC title (this co-champion thing isn't good enough for us!). Oh yeah, I'll give my opinion of some of the other Heisman hopefuls as well...probably won't be talking much about this til mid-season.

Anyway, that's what you can expect from my blog this fall. I figure I don't post about family life and kids, and I don't post code,  so I can be indulged on the college football thing, right? If I'm working up here in husky territory, you have to let me have my outlet ; )

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  1. Of course, but lets get some real football (which is only in the South!). Let’s see, the state of Florida basically is football. LSU would have beat USC worse :). The Northwest teams don’t play the same… I don’t think I will ever get use to it.

  2. Heather says:

    Scott-Florida does have some great college football..the best money can buy (oops, did I say that?). I probably should start the smack this early.

    We will never know if LSU would have beaten USC. I beg to differ with your assumption on the outcome, but whatever. Coach Carroll offered to play LSU before the regular season this year and for some reason LSU did not accept. I realize that LSU probably has fewer players returning this year. But until the NCAA gets it’s act together and creates some kind of play-off system, there’s no way to resolve this kind of stuff. The outcome last year really wasn’t fair to either team or the fans.

    I’m not into the NW teams either (but I’m not a hater, they’re just not my teams). After college I lived in Chicago and as much as it pained me to live among domers, the midwest does play some good gootball. And there are tons of great sports bars to watch it in among alumni from many schools. Here, it’s pretty much just about UW and WSU. I have to say though that it’s fun to watch my team beat a NW school up here. ; ) ANd So CAl is close enough to head down for a couple of weekends.

  3. RM says:

    Michael Vick, QB – VA Tech Hokies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RM says:

    Marcus Vick, QB Va Tech Hokies !!!!!!!

    #3 Rising with a Bullet

    It’s time to start the smack talking, we don’t need to wait. It’s on now. Of course should USC play VA Tech, it might be over real quick….when the Hokie Defense knocks Matt Leinart into another time zone. Without permanently injuring him of course, just basic transporting.

    Michael is his brother with the Falcons, he was a Hokie QB also.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, #1, RM, you are responding to a post about LAST season. #2, I know who Michael Vick is…duh! #3, take it easy on the submit button dude!

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