Blogger for campus recruiting…

I'm so excited that my friend Michael Erickson is going to start blogging next week (right, Michael?). He's a campus recruiter for Microsoft and focuses on technical recruiting (full-time and intern) for Office. I told him how much fun I am having blogging and he asked me to show him my blog. I'm really excited to see some awesome content from Michael! Expect to see a link soon!

Robert Olson- Michael will expect to hear from you in a few years. ; )

Edit: added link to Robert's blog

Comments (3)

  1. gretchen says:

    oh my! this is so cool! Way to go, Mike!

  2. Heather says:

    OK, I realize I may have scared Robert ; ) Just trying to make the point that we are always looking for smart interns and the people who are smart high school students today (especially ones that are reading our blogs) could be the kind of folks we would be looking for to be interns in the future. Didn’t mean to imply that we had any kind of dialogue going on with Robert. Guess I should have said "we hope to hear from you in a few years".

  3. Robert Olson says:

    No no no, I wasn’t offended at all. I am very flattered actually. I would love to work for Microsoft and at this point there is a good probability of my applying for some kind of job there, in a few years of course. To tell you the truth, I was so surprised when I saw my name I fell out of my chair.

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