Work is keeping me from getting my work done.

Perhaps I should resist the feeling that I need to tell you that I will be out of the office at a marketing symposium tomorrow (do you care?). Yeah, Microsoft actually invited it's marketing recruiters to it's marketing symposium....and I think that is cool (yikes, I almost said “neat” and then I remembered that I have decided to lie about my age but saying “neat” would surely give me away. So would saying “surely”...dang!).

I'll update you all on it least the parts that don't give away all our secrets ; ) They probably think that the benefit of inviting the marketing recruiters is that we will understand our business environment better. But I'm pretty excited about learning things that will actually help me do my job better (marketing Microsoft as a career destination...almost sounds like a vacation, doesn't it?). As I was signing up for the different sessions, I kept thinking “hey, this actually applies to my job!”. As I mentioned before, it's rare that I get excited about training, but I have to say it: “I'm excited about the symposium!”.

I've also decided not to bore you with the details of my team's whale watching trip on Tuesday as I realize that talking about it isn't nearly as cool as doing it. It was awesome. There was food and cocktails and shopping and sunshine and some whales showed up too. And how often do you get to watch some of your co-workers turn green. I think there may be some blackmail photos floating around somewhere ; )

Anyway, I hope to have some really interesting things to say about marketing on Monday ; ) Have a great weekend!

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