Microsoft Newsletters

While Microsoft employees are delivering “unofficial” info about our functions, groups and products via blogs, there are actually some corporate newsletters that you can sign up for that will deliver news links to your inbox.

I use these newsletters to get a high level overview of what is going on in the industry space (I typically subscribe to the newsletters that apply to business groups that I am supporting at the time). Sometimes, I just read the just makes me a more knowledgeable recruiter in my business space,even if I don't have a bunch of time to read all of the articles...and I hear you loud and clear that you only want to talk to recruiters that know their space! Just a great resource for some news and info. Could be especially useful in preparing for Microsoft or elsewhere (you'll see that the articles cover industry segments, but aren't all Microsoft specific). Actually, it could be useful in your current role is you have any responsibility for assessing the business and competitive landscape in the tech industry.

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