The Zen of Career Evaluation

Career advice article: Zen and 7 Steps to a More Fulfilling Job. When you need a life change, it doesn't necessarily mean looking for a new job. Reminds me of some of the soul-searching Lenn has been doing over on his blog. There's some good advice in tnhis article. Now everybody take a deep, cleansing breath...

Comments (3)

  1. Raj says:


    Interesting read – slightly annoying choice of ads MSN choose to place in the article. Who wants to read positive stuff about redefining yourself and not living by other peoples expectations when there are Atkins diet and swimsuit ads in the header and side bar ?


  2. Heather says:

    Good point Raj-I think my mind just blocks out the adkins ads at this point…seems like they are everywhere.

    It’s like they are saying "find yourself, explore your personality, do something you love, but don’t you dare eat any carbs!"

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