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Test Your Resume Grammar and Punctuation I.Q. article on MSN.  Some of these grammar infractions are pretty minor (like how a date should be listed). However, Joelle Silva explains why grammar and punctuation mistakes can keep you from being “short-listed.”

I always refer to my Beacon Handbook, when grammar and punctuation questions arise. Still have my copy from college.

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  1. Kevin Westhead says:

    Not a comment on the grammar, but has the meaning of the word "acronym" changed? I would describe "BPR" as an initialism since I would pronounce it as initials (bee-pee-arr). Describing "BPR" as an acronym makes me think that it should be pronounced as a word (booper?), which might make me look silly or unprepared in a formal presentation if it’s actually an initialism.

  2. Heather says:

    Kevin- My resource is using "acronym" synonymously with "abbreviation" regardless of wheter it is pronouced as a word or the initials are spoken. They are describing acronyms as shortened forms of words, which I think could describe both of your scenarios. I’m no expert though…I definitely wouldn’t try to pronounce BPR as a word in an interview. ; )

    But there have been several time that I recall a candidate turning an abbreviation into a word that I questions. For example, CICS (OK, so I hired mainframers for a while) I heard pronouced like "kicks" once or twice. Nothing a good business or computer terms doctionary couldn’t fix. But when in doubt, say the letters, I think.

    At Microsoft, people have a habit of turning abbreviations into words. When I first started here, I supported a group called Worldwide Customer Marketing (WWCM) that people insisted on pronoucing "wiccum". Have to admit I found that a little strange at first.

  3. Is it me or did half the text on this post mysteriously hide itself on Funnily enough it shows up here.

  4. Heather says:

    Sushant-it did and I went back in and edited it to make it show up again. For some reason, it changed the color of the letters in the link to white…which isn’t the best for easy reading ; )

  5. One Louder says:

    This time of year, I’m burning excess vacation days and you may be doing the same or hiding from in-laws

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