Social Networking and Recruiting…the tools don’t match the hype

Good article on about social networking and recruiting, titled “The Money Is Pouring In, but Social Technology Has Yet to Match the Hype“.  I still find it very interesting that it's taking the industry a while to come to it's conclusion about these tools. Is that because the staffing industry leaders aren't the ones recruiting day-to-day? They see the hype, but maybe don't experience the tools first hand.

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  1. Michael says:


    I agree, very interesting article. I subscribe to and read the same. Here is another article from the same source I thought you might find interesting but most likely already reviewed. It includes comments on the down side of blogs. It mentions Microsoft and Gretchen Ledgard. Are you the "other woman" referenced in the article? <smile>


    Michael Salerno

  2. Heather says:

    Michael-I don’t think I am the "other woman" mentioned. Gretchen and Zoe run the "Technical Careers at Microsoft" blog together…so I think they were talking about Zoe. We do get a lot of the same readers, but didn’t contact me…I guess a lot of people still think of Microsoft jobs as being all tech. It was funny though that it was somehow doubted whether Zoe and Gretchen were actually Microsoft employees.

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