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I had a smart moment today and decided to check out the google (and other search engine) links on my referrers page so I could understand what keywords are pulling up my blog. This was after John Porcaro mentioned how many of his links are through google search pages. So also having Internet visibility on my mind, and having just blogged about eavesdropping, I started clicking through the google search pages that linked to me (it really did feel a little like eavesdropping). Initially, I wanted to see if the people looking here were searching on what I thought they were searching on and if my content was really hitting on the areas people cared about. Of course, this does not take into account the searches that people conduct around marketing or recruiting or Microsoft that don't result in them viewing this page. Not sure what I can do to research that other than ask you for questions or feedback on what I should blog on.

Anyway, it was really interesting to see peoples' search strings, since I kind of consider myself a master googler (now an Olympic sport). And some of the keywords were funny. So I thought it would be cool to do a couple of things with these searches. First a little free word association...think of it as a little cheap therapy for a blog addicted recruiter. I think you'll find some of the strings funny too (or you'll conclude that I am easily amused).Then I was going to check out my google share of some of those keywords. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out a book called “Google Hacks”  by Calishian and Dornfest.

Overall, some conclusions I came to when I looked through these (I only went back a couple days but I'll look farther back when I have more time and I don't need to go home to my dog):

-people want to know about Microsoft phone interviews (I will definitely blog more on that topic)

-people who post comments on blogs often search their own names (good for should know what people are saying about you out there)

-lots of folks searching for the answer to the question “What is marketing?”

-Not surprised at all the search strings around preparing for Microsoft interviews and puzzle questions. I feel like I've posted all that I want to on that but that there are lots of other sites with lots of advice (that I can't really endorse)

-people actually google quite a bit on greasy food....interesting...

OK, so here are some search strings and the first thing that pops into my head when I see them...(my comments are in parenthesis)...

resume format for 2004 (if you want to see examples for free, search some online resume databases)

ny times software product marketing egroup (saw this a lot...I guess the SPM eGroup is getting some press...good for you)

without us, some guys would starve (I really don't know how this pulled my blog...really!)

marketing microsoft (I'm finally at the top of the search results for this! Am definitely checking out my google share...hope my content doesn't disappoint)

what does mcdonalds food really contain (if you find out, let the rest of us know)

microsoft heather photo (OK, you are officially scaring my mother)

microsoft "building 19" (big, square, on 156th street near the corner of 40th...shuttles outside waiting to take you to your interviews)

too old to get mba (you are never too old...go for it!)

-number of resumes received by (lots and lots...I think I  heard 45K a month but don't quote me on that)

-what is greasy food (isn't the question really “why?”)

-how to make your wife feel better  (Hmmmm, if you don't know by now how to get your wife out of a bad mood, you might be in trouble...I'd say buy her something nice and don't tell her you had to google this to find out!)

-kwame (I'm still waiting for his call)

-why do i want to join microsoft (I think this person was trying t prep for an interview question. Otherwise, I would just say that the motivation has to come from within ; ))

-microsoft marketing segmentation strategies (now there is some good keyword searching!)

-puzzle interview sells (you are looking for

-use wife (uh....)

-gretchen microsoft blogger (go Gretchen! Unless this was Gretchen searching herself...oh well, go anyway!)

-"wine in a can" (just say no)

-headhunter  chicago  technical (call Kevin Higgins at HT Associates....I think they are in Arlington Heights or Schaumburg...Kevin rocks....tell him I sent you)

-do recruiters use resume blogs to find candidates (the good ones do...more recruiters will jump on this as the word spreads...I guarantee it)

-"heather hamilton" (what you are looking for is

-manhole covers microsoft campus (hmmm, searching for puzzle questions or tripping hazards?)

-too much think ('s time for me to go home)

This was fun...I'm sure some college student can figure out how to turn this into a drinking game or something...

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  1. Steven Bone says:

    Eric Lippert also blogged on this topic today ( Fun stuff!

    You must have lots of Google-Karma to get #2 for the "Greasy food" search!

  2. I’m right up there for Google IPO and "lemmings online", as well as some older reclusive posts on networking security for MSN and Redhat. Since you MS guys won’t tackle it, and Chris Sells is busy, I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on MS interviewing, getting into the nitty gritty on the puzzle stuff.

    People obviously want to know about it.

  3. Raymond Chen says:

    Here’s the story about wine in a can:

  4. Heather,

    You can extract suggested keywords and phrases from any document (like your resume, CV, etc.) or web page by using the free tools on this web site.

    FYI, I use the "Extract Metadata" feature as a starting point, and then supplement their suggestions with my own keywords — the human brain should be superior to any software, right? ;-))

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