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So lots of time spent discussing the value of social networking software. I'm not a big user, as you know, of the connection features, but do use these tools as leads databases. And I am often challenged by the number of people that I don't know that want to connect with me (although this has helped me in my ongoing quest for popularity and my campaign for senior class president).

If you are reading this and thinking of connecting with me, but you have never met me...go ahead and send me an e-mail instead, please:

So here's my question to you...if you want to create a social network, could you not do it through your blog? Could the people that you know not link to your blog? That way, you could provide a real and visible endorsement. It's searchable by Google... are we just making networking too difficult? And if you could use your blog, how would you do it? What would signify endorsement? What info is good to supply and what is off limits? Isn't the web it's own social networking tool?

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  1. Balaji says:

    Try something like Orkut.

  2. Heather says:

    Balaji—how is Orkut better?

  3. Balaji says:

    I just suggested it. It could be a good topic to discuss. Orkut is a unique way of networking. You can network in various ways. Some of them would be connecting through friends’ friends (probability of your interests/networking reliability is much higher). You have several communities to get connected. You can also start your own community. Not anyone can become a member. You need to get invited through a friend of yours. Unlike weblog, where to read your message someone has to go through a search engine, here we can read weblogs by clicking on profiles. Also, the ways of communication has been made much simpler. Try it out,

  4. Heather says:

    I’m not sure I see how Orkut is different from the other tools though. Can someone compare/contrast Orkut and other tools like Spoke and LinkedIn?

  5. Balaji says:

    Orkut is just a unique way of networking. It’s not a major tool like Spoke/LikedIn. Sorry, I confused you..

  6. Heather,

    Check out SocialGrid ( for a unique approach to social networking. While this site’s clearly not targeted at business applications (like LinkedIn), the concept — if applied to professional profiles — is more logical than a ResumeBlog in comparison (since you wouldn’t be forced to link to a laundry-list of competing marketing talent).

    SocialGrid user profiles are simply web pages that contain metadata behind the scenes that identify certain standard characteristics of the person. The service uses the Google search engine to sift through the metadata. Basically, that’s it.

  7. It has more communication potential than LinkedIn, has cleaner postings (much less MLM) than Ryze and is more Business related than Orkut.

    It has forum, document upload, pressreleases, joboffers, …

  8. It’s BizTribe…. Use the link under my name to connect

  9. Amar Galla says:

    I agree with Heather. The likliness of someone finding me via Google and hence my blog is many time that of finding me via a social networking application. With so many new applications coming in, it is going to fragment the user space and hence make people more difficult to find. These sites are good for people who don’t have a blog, but with the popularity of blogs, if I want someone to find me, I don’t want them to sign up with orkut or likedin or any such service to locate me, cause they need to know first in which service I belong. Best option, go to google, type in Amar Galla and find me. What can be more simpler and more powerful than that?

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