Good weekend…

I'll post on something work related later. When I get over a life changing event in my life that occurred this weekend..I got Tivo. When my friend Ann told me that she had it, I realized that “woman with Tivo” was not an oxymoron. Plus, Ann likes sports as much as I do (she's also into college football). So, I  decided that it was OK. And it would keep me from thinking about which reality show I was missing if I decided to step out for a glass of wine with friends. And the best commercials!

The only thing that would have made it better is if it was hooked up before the NFL draft. I hung in there for about 4-5 hours before my dad came over to hook up the Tivo. And as a side note, let me just say that I thought the commentators covering the draft on ESPN were a little too kind to Eli Manning after the way he behaved (OK, it sounds funny to say “way he behaved” when talking about a football player, but drafts and award ceremonies are when football players need to leave their on-field ego behind). It will also be interesting to see if, given the Clarett ruling, Mike Williams will be allowed to enter a supplemental draft or if his NCAA eligibility will be reinstated. Anyhoo...I digress. I'm going to try to resist the urge to blog too much on football come fall.

So the Tivo thing was pretty darn exciting. And I may have to gush over it more in the future and all you high-tech early adopters can roll your eyes and laugh at me. ; ) I wouldn't want you to think that all Microsoft employees are super technical!

Other than that just barbecued with some friends and drank some margaritas in the beautiful sunshine. And that is all it really takes to make me happy.


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  1. Welcome to the world of Tivo. I’m about to get rid of mine and get a Windows Media Center PC. It just does so much more than Tivo does. But it costs more, too. I’ll report my findings when I get one (I’m budgeting for later this summer).

  2. Philip Wheat says:

    Welcome to Tivo as well! Just make sure you get the lifetime subscription for the device – even if you later move over to a Media Center PC you’ll want to keep the Tivo as a backup/spare/relation’s device.

    And "Woman with Tivo" is not an oxymoron in any sense except (possibly) buying it. Tess looked at me very strangely when I first bought ours – and now if there’s any trouble with it, my orders are that it must be fixed above all else! And she even lets me schedule a show every so often on it!

  3. winwar says:

    I thought Eli Manning behaved very well when he was selected by the Chargers. Who did your team pick?

  4. Phil Scott says:

    Everytime I saw Robert Gallery’s terrible picture I couldn’t help but imagine his mother yelling about him not using a good photo. His picture was one of the all time worst.

  5. winwar says:

    Isn’t that how a good ol-man should look like?

  6. Heather says:

    Philip-Got the lifetime deal…thought that made more sense than paying montly. I bought a refurb unit at, too so saved money there as well. I aspire to own a media center someday …

    Winwar-I didn’t like that Eli thought he could pick his team and said before the draft that if San Diego picked him he would sit out. Just seemed veryspoiled to me. The idea of the draft is that you get what you get. They have to deal weiththe fact that they are a commodity and that teams have to make decisions based on their own depth chart the skills of the athletes available to them. OK, so he didn’t cause a fuss when the pick was executed (and I love that SD picked him anyway). He still behaved poorly, in my opinion.

  7. Heather says:

    Re: Gallery…A lot of those photos were bad. They say he’s a "no holds barred" player on the field and his picture lives up to his reputation as an intimidator.

  8. ed says:

    I use mythtv []. No subscription fees, web interface w/the ability to schedule recordings online, and the box didn’t cost me anything (had an old athlon sitting around). I can watch the shows on my TV, or my linux box, or on my windows laptop (wireless & samba). One more thing: open source. I have the option to customize the software and offer my changes back to the community.

  9. Rich C says:

    Welcome to TV on Your Terms! Definately not ‘just’ a ‘boy toy’. As I mentioned [1] some time ago, my wife loves our recorder. It truly changes your TV viewing style.

    And we don’t even do the sports thing :).


  10. jim says:

    TiVos (and ReplayTVs — which is what I got because of a sweetheart deal) are great. There are a lot of interesting hacks, the most beneficial being the ability to pop in a much larger hard disk and increase recording time.

    I initially went the route of building my own "freevo" but it was much more expensive overall when the TV tuner and my time — which is certainly not "free" — were factored in. Adding insult to injury, the video output card was incompatible with my TV and VCR (both manufactured in 1990, a testimony to my inner-ludditeness).

  11. Heather says:

    So a couple weeks in, I’m still loving it. I spend less time watching TV. Also, I have a horrible memory and now I don’t have to try to remember which show comes on at what time because Tivo gets tham all.

    I do have some feedback for them though….the sound made when pushing certain buttons kind of freaks my dog out. Also, the placement of their remote buttons is very odd. Maybe it’smade for someone with huge hands. But buttons that you would use together are on the offosit endsof the remote and the shape of the remote, which encourages you to grip it palm side up from the middle, doesn’t really match with the placement of the buttons one would use most often. I told you i was always thinking about this kind of stuff. ; )

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